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  • Adolin
    When I like a story, I usually spend time trying to properly image the characters. I tend to visualize a lot when I read, so the more detailed the imagery, the better. Each time I stumble on a char...
  • Stormlight Cast - Kholins
    Stormlight Cast - Kholins
    ...I think it's weightlifting that's bad for you at a young age.  It's not good to compress a growing skeleton.  Renarin mentioned that Adolin started training at age 6, but I don't think...
  • Stormlight Cast - Kholins
    Stormlight Cast - Kholins
    Oddly, enough I have read too intense physical training during childhood and teenage-hood can impact physical growth which do explain why many high level athletes who reach their peak in their teen...
  • Mistborn chibi ponies
    Mistborn chibi ponies
    Marsh is disturbed. What he has seen cannot be unseen.
  • Stormlight Cast - Kholins
    Stormlight Cast - Kholins
    ...I looked it up and Google is filled with all sorts of urban myths and personal anecdotes about exercise and height.  Stretching exercises and swimming may let you grow taller, but mostly it...

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