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Gaz Redemption AU comic page 15


I feel like part of why chapter 30 is there is to humanize Gaz, make him less of a pure bully and more of a… Very angry, underpaid middle manager, caught between a rock and a hard place.
If he can’t find the money to pay Lamaril, he’ll get demoted to bridgeman. If he doesn’t get Kaladin killed, he’ll get demoted. If he DOES get him killed, it’s back to square one, because he’ll lose the bribe money and to the bridges he goes.

In the AU, he’s definitely still getting bribed for his non-interference: even if they’ve come to really value those few minutes a day when they can just sit together and think about something other than the realities of the warcamp… Even if they trust each other, in an odd sort of way… Kaladin knows better than to let “friendship” be the only thing separating his bridgemen from death. Being friends is fine: being friends with a constant reminder of their deal is better.


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