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  1. Here they are. About 10 year old Elhokar and 18 year old Jasnah. (I'm actually not sure if I remember their age difference right!)
  2. @Jofwu Sure you can!
  3. The Folsom's words are of great importance. I'm flattered. Thank you!
  4. @Jofwu I don't mind - in fact, I'm happy it could be useful! You can source it here:
  5. My pleasure! It was fun to paint.
  6. I want a larkinnn It's technically not finished piece, but shshshsh, it is better at this stage
  7. I'm Rysn: I give my plants names, I love Chiri-Chiri, and yes I do want to explore but I'd rather not have my outfit messed up because of this stupid grass.
  8. all of the above
  9. I find theory about Mraize being a dragon quiet unlikely. Firstly, because he is just interesting character even without it. Secondly, because it's too obvious, considering Brandon's words that we 'wouldn't be able to recognize them'. I guess that makes questionable Edgli, too, but I like the arguments behind her. Part of me kinda suspect that's simply this one or the other dragon being somewhere, blending with human society, but.. I just like thinking of Edgli as a dragon.
  10. So I saw this WoB, and got excited, cause we know from 'Traveller' that dragons in cosmere can adapt human form. Does that mean we could have already seen dragon on-screen, just like the worldhopping kandra? Or was it only reference to Frost's letter? What do you think?
  11. To the lyrics experts out there, somebody gotta do 'Another Day Of Sun'. I haven't seen it here, or maybe just missed it? Just think about it. 'Another Day Of Storm', by Stormlight Archive cast. It has to be made. There are mentioned lights and rythms, it's perfect. I tried myself a bit but all I achieved are just fragments like: I have no skill to make this work, so I'm just throwing an idea! Maybe someone will accept the challenge?
  12. It's... kinda blur. And probably invisible without really light screen. Haven't seen many Inkspren fanart, tried to portray how I imagined them. Well... tried. I'm gonna try again in the future.
  13. Granted! Suddenly arrives to you this card: With a short note inside:
  14. On un-serious side note... I can't help but have this vision in my head, where Dalinar put back Honor - or himself - together again and say, 'I am Gibletish', as the thousands of gloryspren arrive.