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  1. Thank you so much! It's watercolor indeed. (Replying to this far too late but I really appreciate those words so I have to!)
  2. These are very nice words to hear, thank you!
  3. Huh, you can’t really tell it’s Elhokar without the context, cuz he’s lacking characteristic features here... But I’ve painted it with another scene from OB in mind, the one in Kholinar when Shallan draws him (chapter 74 again!).
  4. Thank you! ^^
  5. Inspired by that scene:
  6. It was made a few months ago, so it's about time to post it somewhere already! Depictions of spren in their shadesmar forms are fascinating to me, and it's really fun try to portray them. Here's how I imagined Maya ~
  7. Here they are. About 10 year old Elhokar and 18 year old Jasnah. (I'm actually not sure if I remember their age difference right!)
  8. @Jofwu Sure you can!
  9. The Folsom's words are of great importance. I'm flattered. Thank you!
  10. @Jofwu I don't mind - in fact, I'm happy it could be useful! You can source it here:
  11. My pleasure! It was fun to paint.
  12. I want a larkinnn It's technically not finished piece, but shshshsh, it is better at this stage
  13. I'm Rysn: I give my plants names, I love Chiri-Chiri, and yes I do want to explore but I'd rather not have my outfit messed up because of this stupid grass.