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  1. Hey everyone. I know that some of you are confused or concerned about Fadran's disappearance from the Shard. I've been able to talk to him a bit recently, and he gave me permission to tell everyone what he told me. I figured this would be a convenient place to do it, so people can see it whenever they check his profile.

    He doesn't have a particular reason for leaving, it seems like he just generally needed a break. It's helped him be more productive so far. Whether he'll be returning at all is uncertain. I wouldn't say it's an impossibility, but there is a chance that he's left the Shard for good.

    If anyone has some sort of message they'd like me to pass along, I can do that, though I'd ask that you be respectful of his decision if you do. I know I probably don't have to say that, but I figured I'd make it clear. If you happen to play Minecraft Java, he's on the Shard's server sometimes at Sharders.minehut.gg.

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    2. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      I thought he was banned or something and I was terrified.

      Can you pass along that we love him!!!!

    3. J. Magi

      J. Magi

      Tell him I will miss him, but I completely understand his need to step away.

      I think he's a really cool person, and I loved interacting with him here. I hope things work out, in whatever it is he's doing!

    4. danex



      he's on the Shard's server 

      *dannex's minecraft server that is shard-based and open to all 17th shard members

      not officially run or monitored by any 17th shard staff though

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