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  1. Thanks! Well As much as I would want to show the whole animation of them passing trough a perpendicularity or something like that., It would take too much time :) I needed something cool looking for one and cool for the other illustration. So they are not necessarily made on the same location. Purple drops just wont be visible on the red sky, purely artistic reasons, If I have to be honest! 


  2. Thank you guys! This image moved trough a lot of transformations, but the idea always was to emphasize on the sheer size and heaviness of a shardplate. I also wanted to show a bit of the gray of the armor, like a metaphor for Adolin's change of character. Moving from away from the Dandy duelist to a more mature Adolin. I always love to hear your opinions, this is the special-est place for my art.

  3. I don't have a free spot till the end of March, for now. If you ask me, I would like to do a Wiki with all the SA characters, but I can't manage that financially. How cool would an artbook, with some lore for each character be? WoT had something like this. I was honestly thinking about making a Patreon page and starting to do SA characters and art every week, voted by the patreons, under the supervision of Argent, Chaos, Mestiv, etc, all the masterminds behind Shardcast... but dunno if that can work, or if it's even allowed. Also it will probably take a considerable amount of time to develop.

    So I'm sorry to say, but for now I'll probably not do anything SA related. That said, I've started work on 3 pieces: Taln, Dalinar's Pain (something like this one, but better) and Adolin and Shallan honeymoon trip on a Ryshadium. I can't tell you when I'll finish them sadly :( 

  4. Yes, you found them all :) patterns are just the best spren to draw. 

    @goody153 we`ll probably have a variation on the skin color soon, so stay tuned. I almost alway release a few version of an image, just to confuse people as much as I confuse myself :)

    @Argent I actually expect you to be messing with the  black/white values of the image just to see what's under the dress :P Check the skin pores.



  5. 26 minutes ago, Argent said:

    Boooiii, these are getting better and better with each one, and they are not coming out frequently enough to sate my hunger!

    Not the basement proposition again! This one came faster btw, took me 4 days to finish it. That`s a personal record :) Btw just for the more observant of us, I`ve placed 2 pattern spren in it, so you can look closer and try to find them :)


  6. Many thanks Moonrise and Lump-wingThis was the second scene after the fight with Re-Shephir that really inspired me. There are so many things I like about Jasnah, but this scene really captured a lot of her character, all the determination and cold efficiency she is capable of!

  7. Thank you and you are right, I should try making art more suitable for mobile devices, but I always go for the landscape composition in the end. Maybe it's because I always choose some massive battle to illustrate and landscape really helps there. I actually started my Re-Shephir composition as a vertical image and you saw what happened in the end :) You have my promise, I'll try to make something more suited for phones next time! 


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