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  1. @StrikerEZ  The simple answer would be that the fabrial has multiple spren gems inserted in it, so you can point to any of them. That Jasnah fabrial always comes to my mind with 3 or more gems in it? Also we spoke with @Calderis on discord about ancient fabrials. He believes they used a more sophisticated way of communicating or maybe they are powered by a different type of spren. In any case I believe the role of the spren is to communicate, what the fabrial user wants to do. Stormlight might be used as an enhancer, like a megaphone, so your example can reach more spren once at a time. It can also be used as a torture tool. Like you show the free spren you want to modify, your captured one and to make them comply, you start electrocuting the prisoned spren with stormlight. This sounds really bad, but take a horse for instance. You whip it, in other words you inflict pain on it, so it starts doing what you want.

    Imagine if I'm right, Navani would be the master torturer :) , thinking of new ways to torture the poor spren,

  2. Elsecallers can turn one object in the Physical realm into something else, by convincing it to change in the Cognitive realm. I believe for this purpose you need to be able to communicate with the spren directly and understand each other.

    Soulcaster can change one object into a specific thing. Let`s say turn anything into smoke. The structure of the fabrial consists of: a trapped spren of specific type, specific gem, stormlight and metal casing. We know how all of the components work, except the spren. Here comes my theory.

    Since the elsecaller is able to convince the specific spren to change form in PR, the same process must be used with the fabrials. I believe the spren is used as a translator or more likely as an example. The Soulcaster can’t directly communicate with spren, he uses the trapped spren as an example of what he wants. I believe the interaction is very crude, like pointing a finger to an object and trying to convince the one you speak with, to take the form of that object. No words, no civil communicating, just intimidation. You use the trapped spren as an example of what form the other object has to take and what would happen if he doesn`t comply. Since the fabrial only has one type of spren trapped in it. You can only point to that same spren every time you soulcast for instance. Threatening the object in front of you to change in to this particular spren you already trapped. That's the reason why soulcasting fabrials can change everything into only one thing (ex: smoke, oil, etc) Where the Elsecaller can turn everything into anything by using the benefit of mutual understanding.

    So it`s all a matter of communication and understanding. While the Elsecaller can communicate freely with all types of spren. The fabrial user can only point to what he wants and his only type of communication is intimidation. Elsecallers convince, while normal humans only threaten other spren, by using one of their kind as an example.

  3. I just made the same reply about uniform as you did in FB! Great minds think alike, fan minds too :) 

    That`s the point when you go close combat, you can`t wear a uniform. Imagine you kill 2-3-5 ppl and survive, your uniform will be soaking with blood. Cleaning that blood from the crisp blue uniform would be impossible! Especially if you happen to survive a few battles. True it`s different for firearms and you can get away with it there. But we do need some kind of protection here. I was wondering if maybe Brandon explained that somewhere, but I guess he hasn`t. That gives me some artistic freedom to experiment! Maybe they use leather for light infantry, mostly darkeyed, chain for heavy infantry and plate for Nobles. 

  4. Botanica make amazing art! But I can`t seem to find soldier battle gear there. The High prince is Sadeas in this case, but any kind of soldier gear will give ме an idea. I`m just wondering of the normal soldier changes gear for battle. Taking the uniform of and putting an armor on, or maybe just adding some metal plate parts, helmets on top of the uniform?

  5. Hey guys i`m working on something and honestly i need your help. I can seem to find a description for the normal Alethi soldier. We have some renditions of their uniforms made of cloth. Do they also enter the battle with that uniform or do they strap some kind of armor on, before they enter the fight. I cant imagine a 19th century soldier holding a shield and not protecting some vital parts with additional metal. Help me out if you know something more :) I`m really confused! 

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