Shardcast: Who's That Cosmere Character 3, Off the Rails Edition

We figured that after Dawnshard and Rhythm of War, we're going to be a *bit* busy, and we had a huge queue of Who's That Cosmere Characters, so let's get through a bunch of them now! And oh boy we get off the rails here, but we have lots of fun! You could say there's lots of Fafen around.

Ben (Overlord Jebus) is hosting, and we also have Eric (Chaos), Evgeni (Argent), Alyx (Feather), and Marvin (Paleo). Also featuring "King Idris"! 

00:00 Way too much introductions
5:11 News
9:28 WTCC Intro
10:51 Character 1
18:26 Character 2
25:09 #3: Where's That Cosmere Location (Poetry Style?)
33:44 Character 4
36:04 Character 5
46:34 Character 6
49:20 Popcorn for some reason
51:50 Character 7
1:04:25 Character 8
1:07:41 Character 9
1:10:20 Character 10
1:15:11 Character 11
1:18:26 Character 12
1:23:54 Character 13
1:28:15 Character 14
1:31:21 Character 15
1:38:15 Character 16
1:45:24 Character 17
1:46:17 Character 18
1:55:22 Ending
1:57:09 Blooper

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User Feedback

So I'm Dea (a.k.a the person who sent the last one). To be fair, I was reading OB and I just took that one thing and ran with it and I would have forgotten about it. Also, I sent the clues right before making my 17S acc.


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Spoiler for the podcast I suppose (and Oathbringer, if you want to get technical)


"People in the cosmere don't have two parents." says Dalinar, as he sets Evi on fire.

The whole episode had me laughing, but this got me real good. Well done.


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Ooh I’m glad you finally got around to mine! (I used to be MysticLotus but shortened it when I found out Lotus was avalible)


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For the record, Hoid refers to the ghost he is using as a raft as Spanky. Apparently, Spanky's parents were happily married.


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