Shardcast: Static and Kinetic Investiture & More! Late 2021 WoBs Part 2

It's time to wrap up Words of Brandon for a while! This episode we are covering the most recent spoiler stream in December 2021 and there was a lot of fun stuff here! Also, oh boy, we are loopy after five hours of recording these back-to-back. Enjoy!

This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), and Kadie (Ene)!

We are going back to every other week, so our next release will be March 12th or 13th.

Spoiler stream:
The Arcanum collection with the WoBs we talked about:

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User Feedback

I just started listening to this one and it's after Brandon's announcement this week: (announcement spoilers)


You guys were so hilariously close to being onto him in this episode. There's one of the early WoBs (around 7 minutes in) where Brandon implies we'll have future-era Cosmere before Stormlight 5 / next year and @Argent catches onto it and is like -  hmm interesting, we aren't really aware of anything else he's been working on and that's really soon. Maybe he might have misspoke and meant Stormlight 6. 

I *cackled*



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