Shardcast: Offworlders in The Lost Metal

We discuss the origins and motivations of offworlders that show up in latest Mistborn book! Besides the obvious Lost Metal spoilers, there's a lot of cosmere references in this one!

Our cast today is Eric (Chaos), Evgeni (Argent), Grace (GatorGirl), Jessie (LadyLameness), and Marvin (Paleo)! 

We're back to weekly podcasts for a bit, at least through December.

Thumbnail is by Botanica Xu:

00:00:00 200th Episode!
00:01:00 Introductions
00:03:55 Show & Tell
00:08:40 Overview
00:11:00 Tenets
00:16:00 Moonlight
01:05:43 TwinSoul
01:30:30 Codenames are stupid
01:41:00 Dlavil
01:48:40 Potential Skybreaker?
01:53:30 Darkwater
01:56:30 Comparison with Roshar
02:07:40 Timeline
02:22:15 Who’s that Cosmere Character

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I think Vasher can use Stormlight as a substitute for breath to keep himself alive because he went to the Valley and was granted the ability and he had to leave Nightblood behind as the Bane. Either Cultivation or the Nightwatcher did it.

In WoR Vasher thinks he lost Noghtblood by mistake going to the Valley asking for a way to stay alive and having to give up nightblood fits with that.

The Nightwatcher offers Dalinar a blade that bleeds black smoke in OB.


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As far as purifying investiture goes, might what Navani did in RoW with the lights be “purifying” then. I think that when Navani put the stormlight in a vacuum so it couldn’t hear the original tones, she was breaking the Connection between the investiture and the shard so that the investiture was able to be changed. This could potentially be one way to “purify” investiture 


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