Shardcast: Honorblades Are Self-Aware!? More Dragonsteel Words of Brandon

It's time for more Words of Brandon from Dragonsteel, and we start on December's spoiler stream! This one is even more unhinged and philosophical than the last one. We talk about brontosauruses (brontosauri?), bugs, bones, piles of cash, and of course, what is a soul, anyway?

This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Evgeni (Argent), Marvin (Paleo), and Kadie (Aon Ene)!

Please note we will not be having an episode two weeks from now on March 26th, because Eric is getting married. We will have more WoBs April 1st or 2nd.

00:00 Intro
7:06 Dragonsteel WoBs
1:23:56 Youtube Spoiler Stream wobs
1:53:21 Stormlight 5 Prologue Spoilers
2:07:39 Who's That Cosmere Character

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