Shardcast: Cosmere Crushes

This week on Shardcast, you learn perhaps way, way too much about us. We're talking about our biggest crushes in the cosmere; our baes, our beefcakes, regardless of how irrational they may be. I almost spat out water. We also discuss the pronunciation of "duchy" and try to kick each other from the call. Who is your biggest cosmere crush? Comment below!

Our cast is Eric (Chaos, also Ba-Ado-Mishram's lover), Ian (WeiryWriter), Evgeni (Argent), and Alyx (FeatherWriter, who likes manipulative relationships apparently). Send your Who's That Cosmere Character to [email protected]!


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Loved this incredibly awkward shard cast. I listen while commuting, but I had to log on to watch much awkward! :D

I'm not much of the "fantasy crush" type...not even as a teen back in the 90's when it was all the thing...and there are so many rich characters to choose from.

Imma go: Siri & Jasnah for the women and Hoid for the dudes? I dunno. This is very hard. lol

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My crushes in order of most to least:

  1. Shallan
  2. Venli
  3. Steris
  4. Melaan
  5. Jasnah
  6. Eshonai

Just realized half aren't even human...

Would be friends with:

  1. Mraize
  2. Rayse
  3. Elend
  4. Hoid
  5. Renarin
  6. Ati

Most relate to:

  1. Renarin
  2. Elend
  3. Venli
  4. Steris
  5. Shallan
  6. Lightsong

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Can we add Shards to this list?

  • if so, definitely Odium. His been knocking off Shards single handedly and even went against three ( if I read that part of the book right).

If not, then I'd go with Shalan. Fun, witty, with a dash of tenacity. When we'd want alone time to talk in private or such things, she could make us different people.

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