Shardcast: Cosmere Adaptation Discussion!

With the high likelihood of cosmere adaptations being announced soon, we thought we would talk about it. We discuss community expectations, what service would get this, potential changes, and more!

This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Alyx (Feather), Grace (thegatorgirl), Jessie (Lady Lameness), Veronica (Cheyenne Sedai), and featuring a special guest who knows stuff about the industry, Zack (Suda)! Zack also edited this episode, so thank you!

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Mistborn Era 1 Netflix Movie is my guess as well. Zack was a great addition as an industry expert!

I see the concern about Mistborn seeming like YA dystopia, but most of those stories are teenage girl joins Dystopia Academy or Dystopia Olympics with other teens and this is definitely not that. I've never really linked Mistborn to Hunger Games or Divergent. I looked at it as Brandon taking "farm boy saves the world" that 90% of fantasy stories are then changing it to "urban street rat saves the world" and changing the gender of the lead.

I really love Final Empire, but what makes Era 1 special from a narrative perspective are the reveals in books 2 and 3.  We doomed the world by killing the evil overlord. Without those the unique things are the setting which visually could turn people off before they really give it a chance and the intricate magic system which needs to be streamlined for 2 hour movie.  

Kelsier as a lifelong conman trying to do a good thing for once is the other aspect that could really pop. 


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Casting wishlist for Mistborn era 1:

Stephen Fry as Breeze! A younger, Doctor Who era Matt Smith for Elend? 

Di Caprio as Kelsier? I think he can pull off the levity and darkness.

Vin would have to be a younger, upcoming actress, but I hope they go for an Asian. Petite, black hair, incredible fighting skills, alright! 

Thoughts people!


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Personally, I doubt this would be a popular opinion, but I'd like to see a mini series of animated works that cover some of the smaller cosmere stories. It would be even more interesting to me if each work was heavily stylized by the team given the short story to adapt it in as creative of a way as possible. The end result would be a set of small episodes, each animated completely differently but each matching the feel of the given story. (The first image that popped into my head is Shadows for Silence as black and white charcoal like animation with only bright red and sliver as accent colors).

Idk why this is where my mind went to with all the beloved short stories, but I really want to see creativity to the max when portraying things like the Emperor's Soul or Shadows which don't have as much punchy punchy kicky kicky but set a mood distinct from the rest of the cosmere.


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