Top 10 Moments in The Lost Metal! [TLM+COSMERE SPOILERS]

The Lost Metal, the fourth and final Wax & Wayne novel, came out November 15th, and boy there was crazy things in the book, so let's talk about them! MASSIVE SPOILERS including cosmere stuff in this video! Do not watch until you have finished the book!

00:00 Intro
1:28 Number One
2:43 Number Two
4:04 Number Three
4:56 Number Four
5:44 Number Five
6:35 Number Six
7:55 Number Seven
9:13 Number 8
9:57 Number 9
10:26 Number 10
11:39 Honorable Mentions



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The most powerful line to me was probably "For to worship Harmony was not only to worship Preservation--it was also to worship Ruin, with all that implied." -TLM 404.

I also loved seeing Sho-del for the first time.


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