The Overlady Reads Rhythm of War, Part Three!

Welcome to the Overlady Reads Rhythm of War Part Three!!!

As with the other weeks, this is a spoiler warning for Rhythm of War Part Three. Do not click this unless you have finished Rhythm of War Part Three, it will be spoiled for you!!!

This part is pretty miserable for Kaladin and Navani. Kaladin is having to deal with being trapped in the occupied Urithiru whilst Navani is having to deal with the nefarious Raboniel. Who is great by the way, how great is Raboniel?

We get some good flashbacks in this part, with a bit of drama from Venli and Eshonia. Venli's story continues as she discovers Rlain still lives and starts making her first steps down her Radiant path.

Let us know down below your favourite parts of Rhythm of War Part Three below!



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I just wanted to let you know that in WoR, Eshonai explains that they always had five leaders, but once they found nimbleform they decided to make each one represent a form because they had five forms.


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