The Overlady Reads Oathbringer, Part Two!

Welcome to The Overlady Reads Part Two of Oathbringer!

We're here to talk about all the things in Oathbringer Part Two to remind you of what happened in the leadup to Rhythm of War. This week we talk about the fun that is Part Two of Oathbringer and all it's fun slice of lifeness. We discuss the letters written to Hoid by Shards and our lightning fast opinion on the Moash chapters.

Remember all those Bridge Four chapters we got? We talk about those too! Also, remember Shallan and Dalinar? We talk about those as well! If it's in Part Two, we talk about it! Cause we're talking about Oathbringer Part Two! We probably forget some stuff but I'm sure it was important. 

So let us know what your favourite parts of Part Two were and enjoy:





User Feedback

This is literally the best thing on the internet.

(Yes, including the RoW samples (which admittedly I haven't read yet).)

Also, @AonEne or anybody else in the memes thread, please make some memes of screenshots of the Overlords face while he comically describes people on Roshar being stupid, because that is some great emoting.


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