SpanReads: The Final Empire - Characters & Relationships

This episode of SpanReads, we are delving into The Final Empire and its characters and relationships! Spoilers for only this book in this episode!

This week we have Jessie (Lady Lameness), Mi'chelle (firstRainbowRose), Ian (Weiry), Rosemary (Kaymyth), Matt (Comatose), and Kadie (AonEne).

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Thumbnail cover art is the UK Final Empire cover by Sam Green:

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Just dropping by to say I love this new podcast and I'm here for it.


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1. Everyone is commenting on Breeze's persuasiveness, but nobody said anything about Kelsier's! He ends up convincing everyone about the job, and without using Allomancy.

2. "I don't relate at all with Spook" girl you've never had your heart broken when you were a teenager? Because I really felt Vin's rejection as some that happened to me in my youth :unsure:

3. I definitely see Tom Hiddleston as the perfect Breeze's actor. I mean, he has the same vibes as Loki -in fact, imagine the Nordic god being able to control emotions as well... Scary!


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