Rhythm of Reviews: Kaladin and Navani

It's time for us to talk about the main plot of Rhythm of War, with Kaladin and Navani!

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For the Khaladin messages plot hole, I think the Singers were listening via a vein of rock. Like, they tapped into that vein and were listening to that since they knew where Navani was at all times. The messages to Khaladin were utilizing a different vein. 


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Did Honor and the Heralds make the Barrier Storm? Is that how they bound the Fused to Braize?

Storms and Oaths are Honor’s thing so when the Heralds made the Oathpact with Honor it would fit his personality to be like “We’re gonna fix this with Oaths and a giant storm!”

Its like fly paper for the Fused they can’t get past it.

Then Odium hijacked the storm (which is why it is red) and had his servants break off a piece. The Fused still return to the barrier storm when they die but they go to the closest piece of it on Roshar and unlike Braize there are Singers living in Roshar that they can hijack.


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