October 2022 Art Commission

The madlads, they did it again! They said they were done with the art, yet it keeps coming! Well, this one is the last one for a little bit, for realsies.

So what do we have here? In keeping up with our annual tradition (a tradition we established last year, so it's not a very big data set, but still), we are dedicating October to its signature holiday, Halloween - and exploring some of the horror themes present in the Cosmere. 

You might remember Jordi Rapture from the Cusicesh piece he did for us earlier this year, but if you've seen his portfolio you'll know that horror (and body horror in particular) is where he excels. So we knew that come October we would be checking back with him to see what his availability would be like - and fortunately, it was good! He even read the short story as prep for this piece, and caught some details we would've missed otherwise (like the glowing moss they use instead of fire). A few quick rounds of sketching, and this piece was done way earlier than we thought it would be. Which meant that we get to show it to you on Halloween, which is very appropriate. It's a big image, so you may want to zoom in and go hunting for details.

A digital illustration of the Forests of Hell at night, with Red Young and William Ann in the center, surrounded by dozens of shades. Ann, a girl in his teens, dressed in simple shirt and pants, has fallen to her knees, her throat bleeding lightly. Red looms over and behind her with a snarl on his half-withered face, blood visible on his knife. Both of them are on a bridge, illuminated only by the ghostly light provided by a vial on Red's belt. Around them are a dozen shades with black humanoid bodies fading into tendrils below the waist, hands with long fingers, like claws, and red eyes leaving streaks of light as they all reach for the humans. Farther away are another dozen or so shades, these paler, calmer, with green eyes, merely attentive; and farther still, the forests and the chasm below the bridge, glowing with eerie red light, are reveal the faint silhouettes and red eyes of dozens more shades. Trees frame the foreground, letting the viewer feel like they are right there.

Edited by Argent


User Feedback

21 hours ago, NerdyAarakocra said:

Wow! This is epic!

Absolutely!!!  This makes it way more scary then I'd imagined when I read it.

And honestly the way this is drawn it instantly reminded me of Kaladin at the end of RoW.  I wonder if that's a connection, like Kal was in some sort of limbo death state from the trauma/manipulation of Odium.


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