October 2021 Coppermind Art

Spooky month is now over, but our patrons voted for their favorite spooky piece back in October, and we come to deliver. Come feast your eyes on this absolutely disgusting depiction of a Cryptic having been pulled into the Physical Realm (and the back of Dalinar's body). This illustration comes to you courtesy to the ever-excellent Nozomi.

Ishar's cryptic.png

You can see an even larger version of the illustration over on our Patreon.

Edited by Argent


User Feedback

WOW, horrifying. This is exactly how I pictured this scene! (But with more badass lighting! And more external screaming, from me!)

All the hard, rough angles in the Cryptic's body are also a really nice [and unexpected] touch. I love the lighting, the severed hand on the table nearby, and the back of Dalinar's gorgeous head. WOW. Amazing job! 


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