May 2021 Art "Commission"

It's finally done, friends. Some of you may have forgotten about this (heck, some of you probably weren't here a year ago when people were voting for this piece), and some of you may have seen it already, but Katie Payne (do make sure to give her Instagram much love) is finally done with this illustration. And, full disclosure, we can't rightfully call it a commission anymore because from the very early sketches it's been clear that this was going to be far larger and more complex than what we had imagined (or planned for). 

A digital illustration of Raboniel approaching the Nine, the ruling council of the Fused. Raboniel herself is in the center of the image, visible from the back, red ponytailed hair, elegant blue dress with open back, the red pattern of her skin clear to the viewer. Surrounding her are nine organic-looking stone pillars, floor to ceiling, each pillar houses a Fused with a unique design, the pillars keeping them suspended in the air without covering much of their carapace designs or skin patterns. Some of the more notable ones include a male with red-on-white skin directly in front of Raboniel, looking imperious; the carapace on his head is reminiscent of ram horns. Two female forms flank him, one with the same topknot and long hair as Raboniel, and one with red-on-black skin marbling that evokes jagged flames. All of this takes place in the middle of the Kholinar throne room, sunlight streaming behind the throne at the far end of the hall, bathing the area in warm yellows and reds.

Fortunately, instead of cutting back on the scope, Katie decided she was going to instead work on this as a personal piece, in her free time. We are still paying her, obviously, but given how this is probably an order of magnitude more than what we can afford, it's really just a tip. Those of you with Instagram accounts can follow her journey working on this throughout the past year by visiting this collection of stories. And there isn't much more to be said, folks, the piece speaks for itself. The lighting is gorgeous, the ten unique designs for all the Fused are full of neat little design choices, and even if they weren't, the organic feel of the stone pillars complements the Nine's poses, ranging from elegant to menacing, beautifully. Make sure you give Katie your love, as she worked super hard on this illustration, and make sure you like and subs-- wait, no, wrong platform. Be good to each other, byee!

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That represents perfectly how I imagined the Fused to look! And the long fluttering gowns! I love it! Amazing!


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I love the marbled skin, and the way the Nine merge with their pillars is incredible!


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