December 2021 Art Commission

Frequent visitors of our Discord server might be familiar with user betweenskyandsea, known on Instagram as heatherly.draws. She is not only talented and versatile in her art, but also incredibly helpful to other artists in our community, and an overall great person to have around. So it goes without saying that we've been looking for an excuse to have her work on something. Well, it turns out that she had a great idea for how to depict the Pantheon archipelago from Sixth of the Dusk (several ideas, actually), and we love what she's done with the place!

The vibrant blues of the water, the variety of Aviar flying over the myriad of islands overgrown with vegetation, and - for the eagle-eyed viewer - a hint of something special hidden deep within the Father, Patji. Make sure you send her your love, friends!

A distant shot of the Pantheon archipelago. A dozen or so islands are visible rising above the picturesque blue waters, with puffy white clouds obscuring the distant ones. A flock of colorful Aviar, all different varieties, fly over the scene, many loosely in the direction of the largest central island - Patji, the Father. Deep within the island's verdant vegetation is the Eye of Patji, a lake of emerald green color, and the source of of much of the magic in the archipelago.


User Feedback

That looks just like how I imagined Sixth of the Dusk would look like!


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