August 2021 Coppermind Art

Hello, hello!

As the last rays of the Scadr-- er, Northern Hemisphere's summer touch down upon the land, and fall's rains and mists come to conquer the land, we have a (mostly)... somber piece for you. Our patrons wanted to see Wax's breakdown from the end of Shadows of Self, and that's what we have here.

August's art commission comes to you from the ever-amazing-to-work-with Eli Gardor, who not only did a fantastic job at capturing Wax and Steris, but managed to sneak a bunch of little details in the background too, for the thorough observer. See how many you can spot :)


(See the original post on our Patreon)

Edited by WeiryWriter


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Steris is the best. I rusting love her. Also, I like the portrait of Breeze in the background. He is the best era 1 character.


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yeah, that's exactly how I pictured Breeze ngl

The rest of the picture is obviously also great :D


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