Around the Cosmere- Tumblr for May & June

Batten down the hatches, Cosmere fandom, because July is swiftly approaching. And with it comes the Cosmere fanwork event of the season: Cosmere Fandom Is Still The Worst Fandom, or more colloquially, CFSWF.

Now, for those of you unaware of what exactly CFSWF is, it's an annual, month-long event in which the fanwork creators of the fandom join together and attempt to write, draw, edit, or otherwise create the most horrifying, tragic fanworks the internet has ever seen. Grab your tissues, because if no one's crying by the end, we haven't done it right.

If you're interested in participating this year, start gathering ideas and preparing your terrible creations, because CFSWF launches in July! In honor of the return of this event, I'd like to share a few of my favorites from years past on this month's Tumblr edition of Around the Cosmere!

1. Squirenonny

First off it would be utterly remiss of me to start this off with anyone other than Nonny. In an absolutely stunning turn of events, Nonny released a new fic for every single day of July last year. An incredible undertaking, and each fic is just as awful as the last. Seriously, it's incredible. If you want to peruse the whole tag, you can find it under #31 days of sadfic.

If you're looking for something to kick you in the chest, I recommend:

A Radiant's Last Breath

Words: 810

Fandom: Stormlight Archive

Spoilers: through Words of Radiance

Trigger Warnings: Character Death, Violence

Summary: The Diagram was clear on one point: Taravangian needed the death rattle of a Radiant.

The Second Blessing

Words: 897

Fandom: Mistborn

Spoilers: through Hero of Ages

Trigger Warnings: Canonical Character Death, off-screen torture

Summary: The screams echo in TenSoon’s ears long after the deed is done.


Words: 6006

Fandom: Stormlight Archive

Spoilers: through Words of Radiance

Trigger Warnings: Blood, Character Death, Mild Torture (as in, primarily off screen)

Summary: “They’ll take it from me, Syl. They’ll find a way to take you from me.”

2. Ladyknightradiant

Megan's a good friend of mine and her fic Liberté is an excellent crossover with maximum tragedy. Just in case you ever needed Bridge Four erecting a Les Miserables barricade, Megan's got you covered. It's a fantastic read.


Words: 7,342

Fandom: Stormlight Archive, Les Miserables

Spoilers: through Way of Kings

Trigger Warnings: Blood, Character Death

Summary: Let’s pretend that the bridgemen were not all severely depressed, injured, beaten down, and exhausted all the time. Let’s pretend that they were passionate and dangerous and rebelled.

3. Featherwriter

Listen, what good is having a news article if you can't use it to show off some of your own stuff? I'd be a poor Fandom Monster if I didn't take a moment to represent my claims to the title. Though I've written some pretty tragic fics in my day, one of the ones that's still a favorite of mine is a canon divergence fic where Kaladin becomes a surgeon in Kharbranth. It was entirely too much fun to write.

Beneath the Bells of Kharbranth

Words: 4,004

Fandom: Stormlight Archive

Spoilers: through Way of Kings

Trigger Warnings: Mild Blood, Implied Character Death

Summary: Instead of joining the army, Kaladin goes to Kharbranth to train as a surgeon. After years of hard work, his talent for healing earns him a promotion. But there are secrets in Kharbranth, the likes of which he could never have imagined.

4. Tatter-demallion

Not all CFSWF entries are fics though, and Emmy created an amazing songset for Shallan. Songsets are a kind of fanwork in which pictures are set to lyrics of a song, meant to be scrolled through as you listen to to the song. It's a really cool format and this set is stunning both in art and in melding the lyrics with Shallan's arc. Definitely worth a look!


Song: "Stranger" by Ben Caplan

Fandom: Stormlight Archive

Spoilers: through Words of Radiance

Trigger Warnings: Blood, Canonical Character Death, Abuse


5. Pmendicant

I mentioned Pmendicant's stuff on the last Around the Cosmere, but I would hate to miss this very excellent animation from CFSWF. Just in case you weren't sad enough about Tien, PM's here to help you out.

Song: "Stuff We Did" from the Up soundtrack by Michael Giacchino

Fandom: Stormlight Archive

Spoilers: through Way of Kings

Trigger Warnings: Canonical Character Death, Blood

And that's a small snapshot of the kind of misery that gets inflicted throughout the fandom during July. If you'd like to participate in this year's CFSWF, it's a lot of cruel, heartrending fun. Feel free to start prepping entries now, and I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with. July's right around the corner!


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