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    Welcome to the Overlady Reads... Or more accurately, the Overlady has Read!

    This episode is a little different to the usual. Since Oathbringer Part 5 took so much longer to record than our previous episodes, we were E X H A U S T E D when we got finished soooo we decided to record the Oathbringer reactions/RoW predictions separately. This was extra fun since I got to lay out my theories too!

    Welcome to PART FIVE of the Overlady Reads Oathbringer! It's the home stretch people!

    After this mammoth series of covering all of Oathbringer (Did you guys know Oathbringer is like... really long?), we've finally reached the end. Considering Part Five is the shortest Part of the book, you can't be THAT surprised that it's our longest video. A lot happens in Part Five, and there's a lot to talk about.

    Welcome to The Overlady Reads Part Two of Oathbringer!

    We're here to talk about all the things in Oathbringer Part Two to remind you of what happened in the leadup to Rhythm of War. This week we talk about the fun that is Part Two of Oathbringer and all it's fun slice of lifeness. We discuss the letters written to Hoid by Shards and our lightning fast opinion on the Moash chapters.

    It's time for The Overlady Reads Words of Radiance, Part 4-5! This is the final episode for Words of Radiance recap and I hope you guys have been enjoying it so far! 
    In this episode, we recount Shallan and Kaladins funtime chasm adventure. It's a blast for everyone involved! Except the chasmfiend who died. What did we think of this sequence? Does it convert Lucy to Shalladin? Find out on this episode of The Overlady Reads!
    Welcome to The Overlady Reads Words of Radiance, Part 3! This episode is about the duel. You know, the duel in Words of Radiance Part 3. The Part 3 Words of Radiance duel. You may remember it because there's a duel that happens in Words of Radiance Part 3 and if you read Words of Radiance, specifically Part 3, specifically the part with the duel in it, you'd know about the duel in Words of Radiance Part 3.
    Other things also happen in Words of Radiance Part 3 other than the duel like the super important character Jix who Lucy decides is more important than other characters like Dalinar and Sebarial. Other stuff that's not the duel also happens in Words of Radiance Part 3 but those aren't the duel that happens in Words of Radiance Part 3 so they aren't as good as the duel in Words of Radiance Part 3.

    Hey guys, welcome to The Overlady Reads Words of Radiance, Parts 1&2! This is the next in our series where my wife (The Overlady/Lucy/Empress) reads through the Cosmere for the very first time with me along with her.

    In this episode, we walk you through the events of Words of Radiance, Parts 1&2. We talk through what the characters are up to and Lucy gives some FANTASTIC theories on things coming up. Do you remember how filled with mysteries Words of Radiance was? The start quick and they don't stop coming. Words of Radiance just has so damnation MUCH going on!

    This is an article from our wonderful friends at, the Spanish cosmere fansite, translated into English for you to read by Bea. The original article is here, written by the lovely Ysondra. 

    At the moment, we know little about Rhythm of War. But, what we have seen are a few cover announcements and today we have the chance to talk to the artist behind the Bulgarian version of the cover after winning a contest by Artline Studios Publishers with a spectacular painting. And not only this, but thanks to a collaboration between Nova and the Gigamesh bookstore, we get an exclusive edition that has two dust jackets: one with the art done by Michael Whelan (which hasn’t been revealed yet) and this beautiful illustration done by hand by Yasen Stoilov. Here is our interview with him! Give him a very warm welcome.

    Hey guys, it's the one you've all been waiting for! Welcome to The Overlady Reads The Way of Kings, Parts 1&2!

    Obviously, The Way of Kings is an abolutely massive book so we've had to split these videos. This video covers the events and theories Lucy had whilst reading Parts 1 & 2 and the next episode will focus on Parts 3, 4 & 5. We hope you enjoy, it feels like Stormlight is where this series has been taking us and it's going to be one hell of a ride!



    This is an article from our wonderful friends at, the Spanish cosmere fansite, translated into English for you to read. The original article is here, written by the lovely Ysondra.

    Today, I want to share with you guys a really special interview for me. Back in 2006, shortly before Brandon published in Spain and before I discovered him. I had a personal blog and spent a lot of time playing something called MUD and World of Warcraft. I’ve always been fascinated by illustrations for fantasy and science fiction works, and my blog had a space dedicated to listing my favorite artists. I had two separate lists: one for established artists, and one for younger artists who I thought showed great promise. One of the artists on my second list was someone called “Breathing2004”, who I discovered thanks to a Blizzard fanart contest. He was an impressive artist, and I was in love with his art from the first fanart I saw. 

    It’s a small world, and 14 years later, Jian Guo did the covers for the Chinese editions of Brandon Sanderson’s books (among other popular authors) and now he’s working with Dragonsteel on the tenth anniversary editions. 

    Welcome, welcome! One of the most common questions I saw around the time of the Oathbringer release was requests for a good recap of the previous books. Not everybody has time for rereads of the full series, of course. If you want to read Rhythm of War this November and the last Stormlight book you cracked open was three years ago... you might be in for a bumpy ride!

    Well, you've found the right place! This series of four articles will serve as a brief but thorough overview of the previous Stormlight Archive books. Rather than just giving a detailed book summary, I'm going to break things down by topic. Over these four articles we will cover all the essential things you need to remember to pick right up where you left off when Rhythm of War releases this year!

    This is the fourth and final article in the series. If you haven't read the first three, make sure to start here.