Your Dreams Come True: Our Interview with Brandon Sanderson

You've waited, and now you shall receive. Finally.

Here is 17th Shard's exclusive interview with Brandon Sanderson, where for forty minutes, we talk about the Way of Kings, as well as some Mistborn questions, and a very important question about Voltron. The Way of Kings stuff is spoiler free, but once you get to the "Most Likely RAFO Questions", I highly suggest you have read the book before you listen to that part.

The Mistborn questions are here because, hey, I run the Mistborn RP, and there some interesting questions to be asked! You should maybe read the trilogy before listening to that part. I hear it's good. In fact, that's usually because I'm the one saying it.

You'll notice that while Brandon's voice quality is pretty good in the interview, the three of us (Josh, Mi'ch, and I) are ridiculously soft. This tends to happen when we give Brandon the good mic and we're passing around the bad one.

You'll also notice that this was recorded in August. We are absolutely on the ball for getting this online, as you all know. (Give Spencer, mycoltbug on the forums, a shout out for doing the editing)

Here's the download:


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