Skyward Flight: The Collection (+ Swag), Dawnshard in Bookstores

It's been a couple of months since Evershore, the last Skyward Flight novel(la), came out, and Dragonsteel is getting ready for the launch of the omnibus edition on April 5. Today, "getting ready" means a few new appropriately themed store items that will become available for preorder on March 14. Plus, Brandon's weekly(-ish) update video told us that The Lost Metal revisions (that's draft 3, incorporating beta feedback, for those of you keeping track) are now up to 60%. And finally, the physical edition of Dawnshard is now available in bookstores - good luck to those of you waiting for the audiobook, hopefully yours will be on the way soon!

The Skyward Flight store collection includes only a couple of items right now - a signed, stamped, and numbered edition of Skyward Flight: The Collection for $22.99 (signed by both Brandon and Janci, by the way) and a Skyward Flight swag bundle for $39.99, which in turn includes a Boomslug t-shirt, a "Slug Squad" sticker pack with six different taynix, and a Boomslug stress ball! Note that the bundle does not include the book itself, you'll have to buy that separately.

Let's take a look at some photos, designs, and concepts of all this stuff!

T-Shirt graphic


Sticker pack


Stress ball


The entire bundle (mockup)


At a grand total of over $60 this won't be for everyone, but the stickers look amazing, and this Boomslug shirt is the best thing in the known universe!


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Very excited about this! I probably don’t have the money to get the swag, but I probably will get it anyway… oh well. I love the idea of a Boomslug stress ball.


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Use the Falchion


Definitely splurging for the book and the shirt. Hope they sell it separately! 


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