Second Part of the Stormlight 2 Parshendi Reading

Our illustrious Josh and Mi'ch have captured of the second half of the Stormlight 2 Parshendi reading and Nahel bonded the crap out of it. This reading starts midway through the scene that's already been read before, but appears to go to the end of the chapter.

And man, it is awesome. We'll leave in the intro. It starts at about 4:10. We hope you like it! Obviously, if you want to be Stormlight Archive 2 spoiler free, don't listen to this. But for everyone else who lusts for more amazing Parshendi stuff, here it is!

Download this file

(We do have more audio, but it's like five to six hours of it. We figured we would post this, because you've been waiting. Most of the other stuff is Q&A at the line, which doesn't have very many cool factoids. It'll be up... soon.)

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