News Roundup: Arcanum Unbounded Cover, Perfect State Deleted Scene, and more

Hey everyone, this has been a busy week for news but before we get into I do want to remind you all that the first volume of the White Sand graphic novel is releasing this week!

Crafty Games' Kickstarter for Mistborn: House War is still going strong. It's currently sitting at over 125 thousand dollars and is currently working towards adding House Haught as a playable faction (bringing the game up to 10 playable Houses.

The Tor/Forge Blog has also revealed the cover art for Arcanum Unbounded, done by Dave Palumbo.  Look it's Khriss!


This collection will include the following stories:

  • The Hope of Elantris (set during the climax of Elantris)
  • The Emperor's Soul
  • The Eleventh Metal (originally published in the core rulebook of the Mistborn Adventure Game)
  • Allomancer Jak and the Pits of Eltania (originally published in the Alloy of Law supplement for the Mistborn Adventure Game)
  • Mistborn: Secret History
  • Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell (originally published in the Dangerous Women anthology)
  • Sixth of the Dusk (originally published in the Shadows Beneath anthology)
  • an excerpt from White Sand
  • Edgedancer (a new novella featuring Lift)

Brandon has said that the collection will also include an essay, written by Khriss, and a planetary system map for each of the worlds, and a new illustration for each of the stories.

Brandon has also released a deleted scene from his novella Perfect State (currently nominated for this year's Hugo Award for Best Novella) as well as two annotations discussing why he cut it and the consequences of doing so.

The first video of this year's recording of Brandon's BYU How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy class has been posted.  For those who are interested patrons of the Writing Excuses Patreon do get early access to these.

In UK news Amazon UK has a listing for a 10th Anniversary edition of Elantris for those of you who have held off getting a copy with the UK cover art to match your collections and Gollancz has revealed new cover art for a 10th Anniversary UK edition of The Final Empire over on their blog:


Finally is running a contest (set to end on June 28th) to win a copy of the Mistborn Adventure Game, a set of Mistborn Allomancy Dice, AND hardcover copies of the Era 1 Mistborn Trilogy.

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The news of the 10th Elantris ed. pleases me to no end, although I wonder if the Kindle edition version will also be released around the same time. I'm not particularly sure if I like the 10th Mistborn cover (I'm a huge fan of the Gollancz cover art for Brandon's books)

I really like that cover for AU, especially if the style of the book on the cover is used for the Ars Arcanum, should ever Brandon ever release it as a book (I hope to damnation he does)

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I really enjoy how up front Brandon is about his own success. Sometimes I get tired of people wringing their hands over being successful, and he just states it without coming off as either contrite or boastful.

But also, "Actually, I'm on the New York Times' best seller list right now. BAM!"

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