The Lost Metal is Out! Spoilers Are Allowed in TLM Forums, Discord, and the Coppermind

At least in some parts of the world, The Lost Metal, the fourth and final book of Mistborn Era 2, is now out! It's midnight GMT, so that means at least Asia, Oceania, and Europe should have the book by now. Of course, ebooks and audiobooks can appear at different times, so Americans will need to wait a bit longer, potentially, but regardless, very soon the Lost Metal will no longer be lost. Hooray!

Importantly, at this time, spoilers are now allowed in the Spoiler forums, as well as the Lost Metal spoiler channels on Discord, so spoilers can be there untagged, so beware! Spoilers outside those zones must be tagged. 

The Coppermind Wiki could potentially have spoilers as well now. We'll have to see how much Lost Metal editing there will be in the next little bit, but if you want to see the version of the wiki prior to release (and thus, containing no Lost Metal spoilers), please use the Time Machine

And of course, if you haven't bought The Lost Metal yet, you can buy it on a variety of places, such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

For fans of Shardcast and the 17th Shard YouTube channel, we'll have our first Lost Metal Reactions episode out this weekend! 

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