Limited Foil Roshar Maps On Sale + Fall Sale

The news is coming fast and furious this week. Brandon's store is having a fall sale, with a very exciting new item: the Rosharan foil map. It's a beautiful rendition of Roshar, and trust me, it's even better in person. It's $45 on sale now, but it looks like its regular price is $60. Why pay so much for a poster of a map of Roshar? That's the "foil" part. It shines. Take a look:

That video even doesn't do it justice to how cool it actually is. It's also a very large size, at 29 and 1/8" by 16 and 5/8". It's super cool. This map is a limited print run of 1000 unnumbered prints, and once they are gone, they are gone for good. If this interests you, get in on it now! 

Some other items are on sale, like various Brandon books. The Rithmatist hardcover is $10  (originally $18), the Snapshot/Dreamer hardcover is $10 (from $20), and Shadows Beneath (which contains Sixth of Dusk) is $15 (originally $25). These are excellent deals if you don't own these already.



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I found this on the sanderson store as well- I thought I was pretty well versed in sanderson lore but do not recognize it at all. can someone tell me what it is? 

Screen Shot 2018-09-01 at 11.30.19 AM.png

Further searches on coppermind and Arcanum offered no further evidence as to what this map depicts. Could it be Dark One or southern scadrial something from a secret project, or am i blatantly missing something obvious?

edit: A google search took me to this page(, which from the description given seems to make sense, but why is it on sanderson's site?

could this be the secret project? a Memory, Sorrow and Thorn collab with Tad?

edit #2: hi im an idiot shoulda scrolled down here's what I found:

Some of you may know that Isaac created the new Osten Ard maps for Tad Williams's new series The Last King of Osten Ard. Earlier this year, Tad and his amazing crew ran an Indiegogo campaign offering merchandise based on his novels. One of those items is this amazingly beautiful print of the Osten Ard map. Printed at a specialty printer in the UK, the maps are created through a process involving printing on tooled foil, and the result is fantastic. Watch the video to see how the light reflects off the surface, creating various effects from different directions.
Those who contributed to the campaign have already received their maps at the campaign price, but there are some left that we're offering here on Brandon's store on behalf of Tad and Isaac. These are quite limited in number, so when they're gone, they're gone for good.

I still can't help but wonder if the secret project is a MSaT collab with Tad...

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