Bridge Four Poster, Steel Alphabet Bar Pendants, and YALLFEST Keynote

By Chaos in Brandon and Book News,
The Brandon news train does not stop! We have a bunch of things this week, like this spiffy Bridge Four Poster, styled like a movie poster. There's some new jewelry by Badali. Brandon's YALLFEST keynote now has a VOD. And lastly, just a reminder since it is time-sensitive: the free Way of Kings ebook ends today. They extended their giveaway due to some site difficulties on the 4th. Badali Jewelry Steel Alphabet Bar Pendants First up, Badali Jewelry, who makes officially licensed Brandon-related jewelry (and more) has Steel Alphabet Bar Pendants. You can customize them with whatever phrase you like. On the 2.5" bar, you can get twelve symbols, and on the 2" one, nine symbols. This isn't unlike their custom Steel Alphabet rings, which are also spiffy. These bar pendants are $129 for the 2" one and $149 for the 2.5" bar. Badali Jewelry. Amusingly, they spell out "I AM A STICK EDY" and "SURVIVE". Bridge Four Poster For years, Brandon has wanted to have a movie poster showing Bridge Four. The idea was to show the bridge crew on a plateau, then have images of them as Radiants floating above. And now, such a poster exists. It will come with every anniversary edition The Way of Kings in the Kickstarter this summer. Isaac Stewart, Art Director, says: Check it out: And here's a labeled version: In case you want more information on the Kickstarter, Isaac and Kara did a livestream for JordanCon describing a bunch of details, and Paleo wrote us a great news article breaking down all the information.