Panel with Brandon and Christopher Paolini Tomorrow June 11th, 7 Eastern 4 Pacific

Tor, Brandon's publisher, is doing a sort of online convention, TorCon, starting Thursday and going through Saturday. The first event will be of some interest, as it is a conversation with Brandon and Christopher Paolini. You can register here to watch it and it will be tomorrow, June 11th, at 7pm Eastern and 4pm Pacific. The conversation is prerecorded but they will be talking about their upcoming projects, their writing process, and science fiction and fantasy. It appears to only be available "only during the weekend of TorCon".

There are other events for TorCon on Friday and Saturday. There's a conversation with Neil Gaiman and V. E. Schwab on Friday, there's a session with Mary Robinette Kowal on Saturday, and more! Check it out.


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