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    Some more exciting news this week: Sunreach is out, the first revision of Wax and Wayne 4 is finished, Skyward 4 is started, and Mistborn playing cards are up for preorder! Additionally, all orders have been shipped for the tenth anniversary Kickstarter for The Way of Kings. (Summary's a bit late, due to school stuff, but this turned out to be fortuitous, as Brandon's newsletter today contained some announcements of its own to put in.)

    The string of exciting news in the updates continues, as this week we got release dates and blurbs for all three Skyward Flight novellas and a cover for Sunreach (the first one), as well as a preview chapter for Cytonic! On a more somber note, Brandon went over and apologized for the bugs with the Mini-Con site (which we covered in our main post on the event). And of course, the progress bar for The Lost Metal ticks ever-upwards, now at 75%.

    Jam-packed Weekly Update this time! Brandon has released his schedule for FanX later this week, and the second draft of The Lost Metal has hit 70%. Cool stuff, wonder if there's anything else. I think that was all of it, right? Yeah that should be the las- fine, fine, I'll stop dragging it out. Biggest news (and reason this article is late :ph34r:) is, we finally have details about the Dragonsteel Mini-Con! You can learn more about that in our article.

    After skipping last week due to assistant Adam being on a well-earned vacation, Brandon is back again with another Weekly Update, and I'm back again with another summary!

    This week brings progress updates on Evershore and The Lost Metal, as well as a poll about covers for The Emperor's Soul.

    Today, Tor Books announced that Dawnshard's full release will happen on November 9th. The announcement has few details that we didn't already know, but I presume that will mean you can find Dawnshard in regular bookstores and that we'll be getting the audiobook release of the book as well, which I know many of you have been waiting for! So that's good news all around.

    Hey all, Windrunner here with another news update post. Today we have the exciting announcement that Brandon has finished the first draft of The Lost Metal, the forthcoming final book in Era Two of Mistborn. Brandon's been at it for most of the summer and wrapped up the writing late last night, only a few days behind schedule for his target of the start of August (not that we're complaining).

    Hey, in case you missed our news post earlier this week, Brandon has released a new novel!

    Lux: A Texas Reckoners Novel is out now, exclusively on Audible. Lux was co-written with Steven Michael Bohls and produced by Mainframe, Brandon’s audiobook company with Max Epstein. The first four chapters are up on Brandon's youtube channel, alongside a short "behind the scenes" video with Brandon, Steven, and Max where they discuss the making of this Audible Original. Steven also appeared as a guest on one of Brandon's livestreamed signing sessions.

    There’s been quite a bit of movement in Brandon’s upcoming works recently, so get ready for some new content.

    First, Lux: A Texas Reckoners Novel, will be releasing this Thursday, July 22. The story was written with  Steven Michael Bohls and will be an Audible Original on Amazon upon release. Brandon has stated that Lux will eventually be released in print and ebook, but not for at least a year after release. The first four sample chapters have all been released to listen to on Brandon’s YouTube channel. Brandon will be doing a livestream with co-author Steven Bohls tomorrow at 6:00 PM MST

    We reported on this last week, but now we have concrete details of Lux: A Texas Reckoners Novel. This is a project by Brandon's audiobook company, Mainframe, and is an Audible exclusive set in the Reckoners universe (which includes Steelheart, Firefight, and Calamity), coming out July 22nd. We also have a cover reveal, as well as the first chapter of it! There's also a sale on it on Audible for 49% off, if you are an Audible member already, which ends tomorrow, 6/25, at 11:59pm Pacific.

    We've got a fun update on some upcoming books today from an unusual source: the latest annual rights catalog from JABberwocky, Brandon's agent. Most of Brandon's listings are nothing new to us, but page 57 has a few interesting tidbits...

    Read along for everything we know about Evershore, the third Skyward novella, and Lux, a new Reckoners novel. We also get a few new crumbs about the upcoming Dark One and Stephen Leeds stories.

    Lastly, a quick word on the poll question in Brandon's latest weekly update video.

    It's news roundup time again, friends! Last we met, we talked about Fortnite Kelsier (who is out of the store now, actually), Cytonic's title reveal, and some Cytoverse novellas. Today's news haul is no less exciting:

    • Tara Spruit's amazing Stormlight tarot deck is back in stock
    • Brandon is launching a new podcast with his friend Dan Wells
    • No announcements were made about future Dragonsteel products, especially not one about a Doomslug plushie

    Follow us after the break for details!

    Hey, Eric here with an update. Yesterday, we told you that something was going on with Mistborn in Fortnite. Well it actually came out that same day, and it is indeed Kelsier in Fortnite. The Kelsier skin comes in two versions: the default, which shows off his face and his scarred arms, and the Undecover variant, which has a face mask and long sleeves. There are also Hemalurgic Spikes Back bling, Volcanic Glass Daggers Pickaxe, and a Kelsier themed loading screen. It is just a skin, with no Mistborn mechanics. Also, it might go away in a few hours. More on that below.

    So, on Brandon's weekly update, he said Wednesday there would be an announcement we would expect, which turned out to be the title and cover reveal of Cytonic. Then he said Thursday there would be an announcement none of us would expect, and indeed, I am surprised! Apparently, there will be some sort of promotional event involving Mistborn in Fortnite? Okay, Brandon, you are right: we did not expect that.

    This post will contain spoilers for both Skyward and Starsight, as the Book Formerly Known As Nowhere now has a real title, description, release date(s), and no less than two covers! 

    Also featuring: the Skyward novellas; Wax & Wayne 4 progress; and the ongoing giveaway for Warbreaker Leatherbound that ends this Friday!

    The last news update wasn't even a week ago, was it? Sanderson pays no heed to our mortal efforts to keep up with what he's working on!

    Between Brandon's latest weekly update and a recent Reddit post we got some fresh news on the status of The Lost Metal--the fourth and final Era 2 Mistborn book--as well as a glimpse at Brandon's publication schedule over the next 8 years. The weekly update also covered preliminary plans for an art book, along with an invitation to make your opinion heard in a survey. Don't be left out! Lastly, we've got a small but exciting update for the TWoK Kickstarter.

    We've got another news roundup, with some news on Brandon’s writing progress on Skyward 3 as well as The Lost Metal, the fulfillment of The Way of Kings Kickstarter, and future publications of Brandon’s works in other formats. A lot of this info comes from Brandon’s four most recent weekly updates (see his Youtube to watch them). Brandon also participated in another spoiler free livestream. You can check out the recording of the stream here, and our summaries of a few of the questions asked on Arcanum. It looks like the next spoilery livestream is tentatively scheduled for June, with regular non-spoiler streams taking place the first week every month going forward. For even more detail on the new info from these weekly updates, read on below!

    Badali Jewelry makes fantastic licensed jewelry for a bunch of different fantasy series, and they make excellent Brandon Sanderson related jewelry. This week, not only are they holding a spring sale, but they also have new cosmere items in their store! They are finally selling Truthwatcher and Stoneward glyphs, which were missing before for whatever reason. And, there's a spring sale code for you, valid through this Sunday.

    Brandon kicked off a new series of "Weekly Update" videos on his YouTube channel today. It's not long, so we recommend checking it out! But if you're in a hurry or otherwise unable to watch, we'll summarize it below.

    We've got some fresh news on upcoming Skyward books and their current status, some updates on Brandon's upcoming plans, and lastly some announcements about the state of the Tenth Anniversary Way of Kings Kickstarter!

    It's been a hot minute since we've last consolidated Brandon related news, so there's a bunch of stuff to talk about. Between Skyward 3 draft #3 being done, the Mistborn: House War game on Tabletop Simulator, and an art contest by Brandon's Spanish publisher, a lot of other things have happened, so read on to learn more!

    Sanderson took to Reddit earlier today to give us his latest update on Skyward 3!

    This is his second update on the book, following the first in mid-September. The book is still tentatively titled "Nowhere", though Brandon has mentioned several times that the publisher isn't keen on this title, so we will have to wait and see if it sticks. The publisher, Delacorte, has agreed to publish the book around Christmas of next year, so long as Brandon is able to meet a fairly aggressive timeline. We've also got some new details about the nature of the book and its place in the Skyward series, as well as a few comments on Brandon's future plans.

    Let's break it down and see what we can glean from Brandon's post!

    If you're reading that is because it is midnight Eastern time on November 17th, which means Rhythm of War is out! Well, at least digitally, in some time zones, probably! It's always a little weird when ebooks get released. Regardless, this is where we have decided as a website (and Discord server) that full book spoilers are now allowed in the designated spoiler area on the forums, the spoiler channels on Discord, and the Coppermind. Please check out our Rhythm of War and Dawnshard Spoiler Policy topic.