Friends, this week we have a treat for you! Nozomi Matsuoka (Instagram, DeviantArt) might not have the largest of Cosmere fanart portfolios, but the quality of her work speaks for itself. You might have seen the commissions she’s done for Argent (Jasnah, because of course he is going to commission a Jasnah, but also this excellent Maya from a critical Rhythm of War scene), and this time we wanted to see what painterly wonders she will come up with if we gave her what was arguably the most challenging June commission - the gems and spheres from Roshar.

There’s been quite a bit of movement in Brandon’s upcoming works recently, so get ready for some new content.

First, Lux: A Texas Reckoners Novel, will be releasing this Thursday, July 22. The story was written with  Steven Michael Bohls and will be an Audible Original on Amazon upon release. Brandon has stated that Lux will eventually be released in print and ebook, but not for at least a year after release. The first four sample chapters have all been released to listen to on Brandon’s YouTube channel. Brandon will be doing a livestream with co-author Steven Bohls tomorrow at 6:00 PM MST

It’s but a few days until JordanCon, and with a lot of the Staff going, we thought the time was right to treat you to another one of our June art commissions. We’ve been fans of Elisgardor’s art (Instagram, Twitter), and have wanted to commission her for an illustration (i.e. Argent has been itching to get his greedy grubby grabby hands on some of her art), but she’s been busy… until recently. When we approached her with the list of winners, she immediately gravitated towards the idea of painting Vindication on a backdrop that looks like her blueprints, and friends, she blew our socks off! Not only was her artwork incredible and timely, she was also a joy to work with, so make sure you press all the Internet buttons on her socials.

Hello again everyone! It’s been a little while since we last showed you art, so let’s remedy that.

Tied for 5th place in our June poll, with 11% of all votes, was the [click on to the main article to see] from Rhythm of War. We chose a friend of our site (and a patron), Connor Chamberlain (Instagram), and he delivered - plus, he threw in a fancy soul-harvesting dagger in there as well. Go give him your love!

There's less signings these days, but there are still a few things that have happened, like an excellent interview, as well as another spoileriffic Brandon stream! There's a ton here, with one of Brandon's best reactions ever regarding blowing up the Selish Cognitive Realm (actually, a ton of Cognitive mumbo jumbo this time), as well as a definition on avatars!

We reported on this last week, but now we have concrete details of Lux: A Texas Reckoners Novel. This is a project by Brandon's audiobook company, Mainframe, and is an Audible exclusive set in the Reckoners universe (which includes Steelheart, Firefight, and Calamity), coming out July 22nd. We also have a cover reveal, as well as the first chapter of it! There's also a sale on it on Audible for 49% off, if you are an Audible member already, which ends tomorrow, 6/25, at 11:59pm Pacific.

Happy Pride Month everyone! This episode of Shardcast, we get very gay. We're talking about Queerness in the Cosmere, so we're talking about queer representation, examples, how Brandon has evolved over time and is putting in more representation. We also have some critiques and hopes for the future. So if you want to see the cosmere from a queer lens, this episode is for you!

We've got a fun update on some upcoming books today from an unusual source: the latest annual rights catalog from JABberwocky, Brandon's agent. Most of Brandon's listings are nothing new to us, but page 57 has a few interesting tidbits...

Read along for everything we know about Evershore, the third Skyward novella, and Lux, a new Reckoners novel. We also get a few new crumbs about the upcoming Dark One and Stephen Leeds stories.

Lastly, a quick word on the poll question in Brandon's latest weekly update video.

It's news roundup time again, friends! Last we met, we talked about Fortnite Kelsier (who is out of the store now, actually), Cytonic's title reveal, and some Cytoverse novellas. Today's news haul is no less exciting:

  • Tara Spruit's amazing Stormlight tarot deck is back in stock
  • Brandon is launching a new podcast with his friend Dan Wells
  • No announcements were made about future Dragonsteel products, especially not one about a Doomslug plushie

Follow us after the break for details!

Shardcast: Ishar

By Chaos, in Shardcast,

Today on Shardcast, we talk about an extremely nice, totally sane character: Ishar! He definitely did not have his hand in a lot of stuff, or cause many problems. And he certainly did nothing disturbing in Rhythm of War! Also, news, and limmericks in Who's That Cosmere Character!

Hey, Eric here with an update. Yesterday, we told you that something was going on with Mistborn in Fortnite. Well it actually came out that same day, and it is indeed Kelsier in Fortnite. The Kelsier skin comes in two versions: the default, which shows off his face and his scarred arms, and the Undecover variant, which has a face mask and long sleeves. There are also Hemalurgic Spikes Back bling, Volcanic Glass Daggers Pickaxe, and a Kelsier themed loading screen. It is just a skin, with no Mistborn mechanics. Also, it might go away in a few hours. More on that below.

So, on Brandon's weekly update, he said Wednesday there would be an announcement we would expect, which turned out to be the title and cover reveal of Cytonic. Then he said Thursday there would be an announcement none of us would expect, and indeed, I am surprised! Apparently, there will be some sort of promotional event involving Mistborn in Fortnite? Okay, Brandon, you are right: we did not expect that.

This post will contain spoilers for both Skyward and Starsight, as the Book Formerly Known As Nowhere now has a real title, description, release date(s), and no less than two covers! 

Also featuring: the Skyward novellas; Wax & Wayne 4 progress; and the ongoing giveaway for Warbreaker Leatherbound that ends this Friday!

Hello everyone, the wait is finally over. Last month you voted for a scene from the climax of Elantris, where Raoden saves his people from the Derethi. Without further ado here it is.

For this we reached out to the amazing Shuravf who has done a ton of terrific cosmere fanart. For this piece she set out to do something a bit outside her comfort zone and so in addition to the standard piece above she did a comic-layout remix of the scene. It turned out amazing and you can check out a fully realized version (with text!) over on her Twitter! If you like her art you can also follow her on Instagram and tumblr!

Thank you again for all of your continued support.  And check out our Patreon for a few more variants of this piece!

Shardcast: Moash

By Chaos, in Shardcast,

This week on Shardcast, we're talking about everyone's favorite character: Moash. Has any other character inspired such emotion throughout the fandom as that wayward-est member of Bridge Four? We're taking a deep dive into Moash's character, with plenty of hot takes on what role he serves in the narrative, where we think he might go after Rhythm of War (RoW spoiler warning!), the most important question: Should Moash be redeemed, or should he die very horribly in a very hot fire? Stay tuned to find out. 

The last news update wasn't even a week ago, was it? Sanderson pays no heed to our mortal efforts to keep up with what he's working on!

Between Brandon's latest weekly update and a recent Reddit post we got some fresh news on the status of The Lost Metal--the fourth and final Era 2 Mistborn book--as well as a glimpse at Brandon's publication schedule over the next 8 years. The weekly update also covered preliminary plans for an art book, along with an invitation to make your opinion heard in a survey. Don't be left out! Lastly, we've got a small but exciting update for the TWoK Kickstarter.

We've got another news roundup, with some news on Brandon’s writing progress on Skyward 3 as well as The Lost Metal, the fulfillment of The Way of Kings Kickstarter, and future publications of Brandon’s works in other formats. A lot of this info comes from Brandon’s four most recent weekly updates (see his Youtube to watch them). Brandon also participated in another spoiler free livestream. You can check out the recording of the stream here, and our summaries of a few of the questions asked on Arcanum. It looks like the next spoilery livestream is tentatively scheduled for June, with regular non-spoiler streams taking place the first week every month going forward. For even more detail on the new info from these weekly updates, read on below!