Following the Breeze reveal, we've got another core crewmember for you today - the team's Smoker, Clubs! The grumpy old man is not exactly the heart of the crew, but he is certainly... iconic. 
Those of you familiar with his art style might recognize the artist we picked for this piece - Ydunn Lopez. The aggressive lines and sharp shadows are something prominent in a lot of his art, and it ended up a nice match for Clubs's wrinkled gruff face. Plus, we had been looking for an excuse to work with Ydunn ever since we saw his recent Shardplate explorations, so this commission came at a good time.

It's been some time since our patrons voted to see Kelsier's crew get updated portraits, but between scheduling nonsense and some crewmembers being a little tricky, it took us a bit longer than anticipated to get all of these done. But the good news is, now that they are done, we can dump a whole lot of art on you, and with very little downtime! 

So let's start things off with the core crew, and more specifically - Breeze! We picked  Marie, better known as mushimallo (Instagram, Tumblr) for this scoundrel, and she did a great job. The bar behind him turned out extra cool, with a small Easter egg hiding (?) in plain sight... can you spot it?

The very last Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians book, Bastille vs. the Evil Librarians, is out and the series is finally done! This is co-written by Janci Patterson and Brandon Sanderson. It's been a long road since 2007 since these started, and we've never done an Alcatraz episode on the show just due to timing. So, what did we think of this conclusion? Stay tuned to find out.

Splintercast: Cradle

By Paleo, in Shardcast,

In this inaugural episode of Splintercast (or is it a revival?), we take a look at the Cradle series by Will Wight! As you're used to from Shardcast, there's lots to talk about. Splintercast is a new spin-off series where we discuss media outside Brandon's works and the cosmere. New episodes will come out sporadically, don't expect this to become a regular thing!

The fourth annual Cosmere Inktober is just around the corner, and we are excited to share the 2022 prompt list!

If you are not familiar with Inktober, it was started as a challenge to practice inking and drawing habits over an entire month. This challenge is a personal journey for artists to follow set prompts and improve on drawing skills but has become a worldwide event with many different versions of prompt lists and themes. This year I have created a list of Cosmere-themed prompts and am posting it early to give fan-artists time to plan ahead

Gamescom 2022, the annual multi-day video game trade show event, started their online reveals and announcements today, and - to the surprise of everyone - we saw a familiar face in one of those announcements! Brandon himself introduced Unknown Worlds' (the creators of the Subnautica games) new turn-based sci-fi digital tabletop strategy game. With minis you can paint? It's called Moonbreaker, and Brandon confirmed on Reddit that this is the project we've seen as Soulburner in a couple of his State of the Sanderson annual blog posts.

Follow us after the break for some more details and the reveal trailer!

The time has come! The end is nigh!

That is, the time to reveal our next art commission! The end of the wait to see it! This all sounded funnier in my head, but there's no going back, words written in a Patreon post are final and unchangeable. 

So what do we have here? Follow us after the break to find out (it's not that difficult to figure it out though)