Our illustrious Josh and Mi'ch have captured of the second half of the Stormlight 2 Parshendi reading and Nahel bonded the crap out of it. This reading starts midway through the scene that's already been read before, but appears to go to the end of the chapter.

And man, it is awesome. We'll leave in the intro. It starts at about 4:10. We hope you like it!

We're back, and better (allegedly) than ever! We're switching it up, and now the main Shardcast will be our podcast where we go reading through each book. No, we aren't narrating every book--we know, you're sad--but Mi'ch, Josh, and Eric are here to give you commentary on the books, annotations, and everything! And try to make it entertaining, somehow. This episode's entertainment comes from meat. Vegetarians need not apply. You'll see.

With Emperor's Soul out (and now out in ebook--if you bought the book, you can get the ebook for free), what's next in the Cosmere? Why, it's Stormlight 2, and here's a really, really exciting treat for you if you can't wait for more Stormlight.

Brandon read a scene from Stormlight 2. So, you know, if you don't want spoilers, I'd suggest you don't look at it.