Sanderson took to Reddit earlier today to give us his latest update on Skyward 3!

This is his second update on the book, following the first in mid-September. The book is still tentatively titled "Nowhere", though Brandon has mentioned several times that the publisher isn't keen on this title, so we will have to wait and see if it sticks. The publisher, Delacorte, has agreed to publish the book around Christmas of next year, so long as Brandon is able to meet a fairly aggressive timeline. We've also got some new details about the nature of the book and its place in the Skyward series, as well as a few comments on Brandon's future plans.

Let's break it down and see what we can glean from Brandon's post!

Welcome to the Overlady Reads Rhythm of War Part Four!!!!

As with the other weeks, this is a spoiler warning for Rhythm of War Part Four. To click on this article is to summon spoilers unto your eyes, the likes of which have never been seen before! I bid you now, TURN BACK, TURN BACK, RETURN FROM WHENCE YOU CAME. Unless you've read Part Four, in which case that's fine.

Rhythm of War is OUT! And over on the Coppermind we are moving full steam ahead to get the wiki updated. It's a massive undertaking to update the wiki for a new Stormlight Archive book. By our latest count, we expect that nearly 400 existing articles will need to be updated while at least 150 brand new articles need to be created from scratch. That's over 15% of the wiki that will need to be updated in some way due to a single book!

As always, we're happy for any help we can get, so don't be shy. Editing the wiki is open to anybody and easier to do than you may think. No experience required! We've got several guides available, and an active Discord server where you can get help 24/7. If you want to help with these objectives, please join Discord and say hello so that we can coordinate!

You can view all the objectives, and claim one for yourself, in our Coppermind Claims spreadsheet.

You thought we were done talking about Rhythm of War? Not even close. This time we have a different cast and we talk about all sorts of things that we didn't talk about in our first Rhythms of War Reactions cast. The book is so big we still probably didn't touch everything, though. But don't you worry: our deep dive podcasts will begin next Saturday, and we have so very many topics to get through.

Welcome to one of TWO of our full spoilers Rhythm of War reaction podcasts. Our second one will likely be coming Sunday as well with the rest of the Shardcasters, so if you are thinking, "Man, my favorite Shardcasters aren't here," well, you'll be set very soon! There's so so much to talk about, and even given this podcast's length, it feels like we have barely said anything here. There will be so many podcast topics, that's for sure!

Hi everyone! I wanted to talk about spoilers on the Coppermind and some things we are doing on the Coppermind to assist here. 

Turns out a whole lot of you really would like to refresh your mind on details as you read the book. Now, the Coppermind has always been a site with spoilers, as wikis often do, and so we kind of played this release with our business-as-usual attitude. I'll talk a little bit about why have done things this way historically a bit later in this post. But given the server load, and the amount of comments we've had regarding spoilers, we've made some changes that I think will help everyone a bunch.

Rhythm of War is out, and it sure has some sweet, sweet things in it, so I had to do a video talking about my top ten crazy things that happened in the book. Please note this video has MASSIVE spoilers in it for Rhythm of War, so finish the book first before watching! Put your comments below on your list of crazy things. I couldn't get everything I wanted here, because of course, I had to be Vorin about this and have exactly ten things.

Rhythm of War is OUT! We hope you've been enjoying it. This is our first Rhythm of War Shardcast, and it does NOT have full book spoilers, just through Part Two. Honestly, we don't really talk about anything other than the Part Two epigraphs, so as long as you've read those, you are ready for this! Please no full book spoilers in the comments! And if you've read the book, well, you know why we are talking about this first.

If you're reading that is because it is midnight Eastern time on November 17th, which means Rhythm of War is out! Well, at least digitally, in some time zones, probably! It's always a little weird when ebooks get released. Regardless, this is where we have decided as a website (and Discord server) that full book spoilers are now allowed in the designated spoiler area on the forums, the spoiler channels on Discord, and the Coppermind. Please check out our Rhythm of War and Dawnshard Spoiler Policy topic. 

Welcome, one and all, to the OVERLADY READS RHYTHM OF WAR, PART ONE!!

For all thinking of watching, THIS VIDEO SPOILS ALL OF RHYTHM OF WAR PART ONE. How did we read Rhythm of War Part One you might ask? Well, we read the wonderful Tor preview chapters, found here:

Shardcast: The Dawnshards

By Chaos, in Shardcast,

It's our second Dawnshard episode (and our last Shardcast before Rhythm of War), and this one is pedantic! We're getting to... well, the big thing we didn't talk about in the last one. There's so much to discuss here. And here's a great line from this episode: "I guess we are going off different definitions of the word 'action' here." Excellent. Grace also blows Eric's mind at one point.

It's the last Rhythm of War preview chapter, chapter 19, and the end of Part One! Rhythm of War comes out Tuesday! It's nearly here at last! The hype train is rolling, as you can see with Marvin. Though this will be last Rhythm of Previews, we will have Danielle, Marvin, and also Eric on after they've read the book. We're not sure how it'll work exactly--Danielle and Marvin will hash out details after they have read it--but there will at least be full book reactions with us! Thanks for Alyx for editing this. We also have Chapter 19's epigraph in this episode too!

Dawnshard is out! If you're a Kickstarter backer, you already got it through Backerkit. You can also get it through Amazon, and will likely appear in other ebook stores soon if they haven't already. We have TWO Dawnshard podcasts coming this week, and this is our first one, on our spoiler-free Dawnshard reactions, characters, and some lore topics. Of course, the big lore topic will be the next one, which I will try to get out as soon as I can. Please support us on Patreon to fund the soda I need to get through editing this huge pile of stuff this month.

It's that time of week again! Tor has posted the latest Rhythm of War sample chapter, and you can find it here. After you've read this week's chapter, we invite you to join the latest discussion in the forums and on our Discord server!

We will be picking these chapters apart together, and we hope you will join in on the discussion! If you missed previous chapters or discussion threads, you can find both linked in our Sample Chapter and Discussion Thread Index.

This is the FINAL preview chapter! One week until Rhythm of War!

Dawnshard is HERE, and over on the Coppermind Wiki we are in crunch mode! Before the tidal wave of new Rhythm of War content engulfs us next week we are going to be doing everything we can to get Coppermind updated for Dawnshard, and we need your help! Veteran editors and newbies are all appreciated!

We're kicking off a 7-Day Dawnshard Blitz, in which we'll be trying to knock out as many updates as possible. You can find the list of objectives here. Each objective has been assigned a point value based on how difficult we feel it will be. The person with the most points at the end of the competition is the winner! The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will receive a one-time-only Chiri-Chiri Award to show off on their user page! And that's to say nothing of the self-satisfaction I can guarantee as well as the undying gratitude of countless Cosmere fans!

The competition begins NOW! Let's do this!

Hi everyone! Eric with 17th Shard here, and I'm here to talk to you about Rhythm of War, by Brandon Sanderson, the fourth novel in The Stormlight Archive. This review is completely spoiler free! There will be no spoilers for the preview chapters, or other cosmere stuff, so if you haven't read anything about Rhythm of War, this won't have any information other than some non-spoilery info Brandon has discussed about the structure of the book.

The wait for Dawnshard is over, at least if you backed The Way of Kings Leatherbound Kickstarter! The novella is being sent out via BackerKit now. For non-backers, they will put the novella on ebook stores, which may take a few more days. There will be a print version of Dawnshard coming to Kickstarter backers, but that won't be until early next year. There will also be an audio version, but according to Brandon that is not coming "for a year at least." 

It's that time of week again! Tor has posted the latest Rhythm of War sample chapter, and you can find it here. After you've read this week's chapter, we invite you to join the latest discussion in the forums and on our Discord server!

We will be picking these chapters apart together, and we hope you will join in on the discussion! If you missed previous chapters or discussion threads, you can find both linked in our Sample Chapter and Discussion Thread Index.

Welcome to the Overlady & Overlord take the Knights Radiant quiz!

After many many requests we make this video, we thought we'd finally sit down and do the Knights Radiant quiz! But this time, with a twist! Though it's not much of a twist, it's the exact same thing that Brandon did with his friend Dan where they took the test for each other and compared it to actual results. We didn't know when we'd release this video so we thought, screw it, we'd make it a Halloween video, Happy Halloween!