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I've been here the whole time...


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Hey 17th Shard. I've been a fan of Sanderson for years and have looked at these forms and the Coppermind for some time now. But I think it's time for me to dip a little deeper...

I'm feel I'm more of a theorist, but I'll get into discussions on books and whatnot.

Thanks for having me.

Your humble servant...


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Hey, welcome to the shard! Have an upvote and a spiked delicious cookie!



DISCLAIMER: Side effects include, but are not limited to, hearing voices, gaining supernatural powers, having the sudden urge to kill everyone, and completely losing control over your mind and body. The Dark Alley™ claims no liability for any damage done to/by the eater of this cookie.

Anyway, which Cosmere book is your favorite?

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I love all of them. Obviously SA isn't complete yet, but that's my most recent read, and I'm excited for Oathbringer. The First Era of Mistborn was amazing too, especially the ending. Those two are my favorite. One complete, one a work in progress.

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12 hours ago, Ammanas said:

Welcome! What's your profile pic? It looks Harry Potter related, but its hard to tell.

I think it's Kal on the Honor Chasm ledge with Syl. 

@Shadows4Silence welcome to the Shard. If you're not scared of spoilers, or comfortable enough with the content, dig into the Cosmere forums. There's a lot of info, and new perspectives are always welcome. 

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To answer the profile pic, yeah it's Kaladin at the Honor Chasm. And I don't mind sharing opinions on content, but I don't expect too be anywhere near as good as people like Chaos, so constructive criticism is always accepted.

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