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Amber Heard Sympathy Thread (TW: discussion of domestic violence)

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So, I don't know how much overlap between Sharders and celebrity fans and survivors of abuse, but if anyone's heard, there's a celebrity, Amber Heard, who is leaving her abusive husband.

A lot of people are being jerks and whatever, bringing into question her bisexuality and how much money she's getting.

Which are both irrelevant. (61% of/ bi folks have experienced some kind of dating violence of some kind, so honestly, that shouldn't be something to dismiss her about. That statistic comes from Buzzfeed)

If anyone wants to share their own stories of dating violence or sympathy with her, that would be great. Please don't bring up any victim blaming attitudes of any sort (I.e, she was asking for it, not enough evidence, what about the money, ect.) This thread is a safe space.

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