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Restares and Thaidakar (WoR and WoK Spoilers)

the winter system

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This has been bugging me. Which organization do these two belong to?




The king coughed. "You can tell... Thaidakar... that he's too late..."

"I don't know who that is," Szeth said, standing, his words slurring from his broken jaw. He held his hand to his side, resummoning his Shardblade.
The king frowned. "Then who...? Restares? Sadeas? I never thought..."

- Galivar (Son of Honor) and Szeth (Truthless), page 33, Way of Kings

No information, yet, but some later quotes are curious in comparison.



"It took hours to decide, but Restares is right - this is what must be done. For the good of Alethkar."

- Amaram (Son of Honor), page 703, Way of Kings


Compare this to Galivar's quote above. He seemed to think that Restares might've assassinated him, but right here it pretty much confirms that Restares is a Son of Honor. Has something changed? I think that Restares is a Son of Honor, but was directly beneath Galivar in terms of Son of Honor hierarchy or something, because that is similar to what he says in terms of Sadeas. Two people who he thought were allies, but doesn't trust.




"...why Thaidakar would risk this?" Amaram was saying, speaking in a soft voice. "But who else would it be? The Ghostbloods grow more bold." 

- Amaram (Son of Honor), page 701, Way of Kings

I'm pretty sure Thaidakar is a Ghostblood and that at this point on the timeline, the Sons of Honor aren't aware of the Skybreakers. 



"We will need to find how much he knows." Mraize's voice. "You will bring these pages to Master Thaidakar. We are close, but so- it appears- are Restares's cronies."

- Mraize (Ghostblood), page 632, Words of Radiance

He's talking, probably, about Amaram (Son of Honor). This implies that (if you listen to the implication that Amaram is who he's talking about) Amaram is one of Restares's cronies. This is basically confirming that Restares is a Son of Honor and that Thaidakar is a Ghostblood.




I can only conclude, Amaram wrote hurriedly, the glyphs a mess of sloppy ink, that we have been successful, Restares. The reports from Dalinar's army indicate that Voidbringers were not only spotted, but fought. Red eyes, ancient powers. They have apparently unleashed a new storm up on the world.

- Amaram (Son of Honor), page 1059, Words of Radiance

So Restares is a Son of Honor. This is the last confirmation, but I'm still confused about why Galivar thought Restares was Szeth's master. 


He handed the letter to the carriage driver, Pama. She took it and began digging in her satchel for the spanreed to send the communication to Restares. He would have done it himself, but you could not use a spanreed while moving.

- Amaram (Son of Honor), page 1060, Words of Radiance

No useful information, but I figured all mentions would be useful.


My conclussions:

Restares is a Son of Honor who was second in command before Gavilar's assassination. Now that Gavilar is dead, I believe that Restares is in charge because Mraize refers to Amaram (speculation) as one of Restares cronies. 

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I think Gavilar wasn't a Son of Honor, but both thought they were using the other for their own purposes, and were prepared to turn against one another once possible, with Amaram acting as a peacemaker between both groups throught his friendship with Gavilar. I believe this because the Sons of Honor seem to not care much about the first ideal, much like Gavilar doens't seem to be someone who would care about the restoration of the hierocracy unless it served his purposes.

I also believe Gavilar didn't want to turn the parshendi into voidbringers, but somehow bind Odium or one of the unmade in a way that would make its defeat possible, and Venli(whom I suppose was his contact within the Listeners and assistent in his research of hiw to use the dark sphere to summon voidspren) spread lies about his purposes among her people.

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It could be Gavilar was playing them all. Though what I find strangest of all is why Gavilar thought Sadeas tried to kill him, considering Sadeas like Gavilar o.O

Yeah, but Torol Sadeas is Torol Sadeas, and Gavilar on his last days started acting much like the man Dalinar eventualy became before Sadeas betrayed him.

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I really hope these secret society leaders like Restares and Thaidakar become interesting antagonists. The little clues he gives us on there motives makes it seem like they will have a big part to play in atleast the first 5 book arc. Yet we haven't seen anything other than small fragments. Now that sadeas is gone these two should come into play and I hope they can top Sadeas. Stormlight archive was the first series I've read of Brandon's and I like the way he develops antagonists so I have high hopes that these characters will pan out.

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Yeah, but Torol Sadeas is Torol Sadeas, and Gavilar on his last days started acting much like the man Dalinar eventualy became before Sadeas betrayed him.

And let's not forget that Sadeas really seemed to think that killing Dalinar would be the best thing for Alethkar as a whole. If he was close enough with Gavilar, the king might have noticed that Sadeas was willing to sacrifice the people he said he cared about in order to better the kingdom.

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It has always Baffled me why Gavilar suddenly wanted to return the Voidbringers...Amaram I get he seems like a total Vorin fanatic but I never really thought of Gavilar as the devout type, I can only believe that he must have misread the visions and come to the conclusion that he must bring back the Heralds .

The only info we really have on Restares and Thaidakar is vague at best, so I am going to give an equally vague guess that they both are simply power hungry. Restares would be a morally ambiguous religious zealot and Thaidakar would be a morally ambiguous douche....

Mr.T is simply a anti hero vigilante who has a pragmatic view on how he is the best suited to save the world.

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