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the winter system

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They are advertising for some trippy voodoo love thing, freaks me out quite frankly


Hey. Give them some credit.


It may be freakly trippy voodoo love, but at least you can be guaranteed of quality. After all, they say they're specialist.

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And even if quality is still in question in your mind, there is at least a large quantity of things you may try(risk free of course) so each and every sharder will be able to find the true voodoo for them.

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I would like to make a PSA that if there is a spammer, you do not need to report every spam post. It is very fast to remove all of a spammers posts almost instantly (there's a button for that for mods), but when you report every post, that means we get a lot more emails and a lot more reports in the report center to close, which are wholly unnecessary. Just so you know :)

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I'm actually really tempted to call one of those numbers, just to see if it connects to the nether world!

(there are some demons who still owe me from last year :D )

As fun as it sounds (I was tempted to do that too) I wouldn't. You never know what might mess up your phone so.. better safe than sorry!

With all spam, its best to just ignore it and let the admins/mods take care of it. There isn't much we can do as normal users.


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I've noticed a lot of spam lately. What if you increased the questions for the entrance thing a bit, and asked questions that only true Sanderfans would know? You could have a "select which Sanderson books you've read" tab, and have questions from there. It's just an idea.

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