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Is it ever explained why Aons only need a single extra line to function after the Reod? I could understand it for Aon Aon, but since all the other Aons are made up of Aon Aon repeated and sometimes rearranged, it feels like the chasm line should also be repeated multiple times in each Aon.


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Brandon did give a good explanation.

Its not that every Aon is just Aon Aon repeated. The rule is they just have to have Aon Aon as a base.

So you would only have to include the initial Aon Aon(that has the chasm line). 

Relevant WoB:



Why is there only one Chasm line per Aon? Since each Aon is made up of repetitions of Aon Aon, shouldn't there be a Chasm line per repetition?

Brandon Sanderson

The Aons aren't JUST made up of repetitions of Aon Aon. There's a lot more to them than that. Some follow a repetition pattern, others do not. The only requirement is using the initial Aon once, then building from there. Because of this, I made the new requirement be only one use of the chasm line.

Aons can actually have multiple forms and still work. For example, if you drew the chasm line on each one of those Aons, they'd work fine. (Maybe even better, in some cases.) What is happening in the books is that the Aons are ALMOST functional, and the Dor is straining to come through them. The chasm line brings them the one step further they need to be functional. However, further tweaking could make them more efficient.

/r/fantasy AMA 2013 (April 17, 2013)

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