What kind of school do Free Kingdomers go to?

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Obviously they don't go to grade school like we do. Which raises the question what kind of school they go to.

(Tbh they probably won't call it a school. It's a Librarian thing)

They probably have something for general education, but not as controlled as grade school in the Hushlands. Maybe Free Kingdomers get to choose a specific field of study at a younger age: take Bastille and Aydee for example. 

I'm thinking 'schools' in their place are something much more engaging and exciting. Like a summer camp, though it will depend on the field of study you choose. 

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I don't know if 'school' would be a word they associated only with Librarians? Though that's definitely possible. 

I think that's a good idea, and honestly I wouldn't protest if someone told me it was more advanced than our system :P


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