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Note: At the time I am writing this I am completely lacking information on both Alcatraz and Harry Potter. It's been a few months since I read (well, listened to) Alcatraz and I forgot some I will be relying on what I remember and what I gathered from the Coppermind. The same thing goes with HP; I haven't read any of the books, however, I have watched the movies and did my own research about the HP universe. And this idea was just for fun, heh. And feel free to correct me if I got something wrong.


You have been warned ;)


I got inspired by 'Alcatraz in Roshar, what if...' so now I present to you:

What if Alcatraz and his crew got transported into the HP universe.

I mean, it does sound somewhat plausible (+it's a fanfic idea, go figure). Where the HP and Alcatraz are parallel worlds in one universe--kind of like the Cosmere, except it's much more of a mini-universe in a big universe.

Alcatraz and Kaz's Talents are on the whack again, which ends up with Kaz's Talent making them lost, and Alcatraz' Talent clashing with his. Because of this, it happened to mess with a universal law or the boundary that keeps them separate, which makes them end up in a world completely different (yet similar) from their own.

I did enjoy toying with this idea, but as I went further I seemed to be getting nowhere. These are some other stuff that I came up with though.

How they got to HP: I was thinking that they were in the middle of some sort of escape attempt, skirmish, or just playing around. Probably something similar to what happened in book 4 when Kaz tried get them to the glass ship that will transport them to Mokia.

The crew: Alcatraz and Kaz, of course. Bastille, maybe the crew in book 4 + Grandpa Smedry or Draulin. Or Sing. I couldn't decide.

Shenanigans that would happen (this is the best part):

- Alcatraz would drive Hermione, Snape, Mcgonagall--and practically everyone--nuts

- Alcatraz and Harry would try switching glasses. And I'm sure Al would get along with Harry and Ron. As for Hermione (see the statement above)

- Filch will go mad from the chaos.

- Kaz would get lost on the Quidditch field while a game is going on. He would also wind up in different professor's classes.

- Grandpa Smedry would be late to everything, as always.

- Someone's wand will get broken. I'm sure of it.

- Bastille would totally sucker punch someone with her purse. I'm not sure who, but I'm debating Harry or Draco. She'd also (probably) get along well with Ginny.

- If Bastille and Ginny DO get along, Ginny would invite her to play Quidditch. Bastille would try it, though she won't be happy.

- Alcatraz tries Quidditch. Oliver Wood is not happy.

- Any Mokians on the crew would surely enjoy Hagrid's company. Change my mind.

- LUNA OH MY GOODNESS. I'm sure she'd appreciate the Smedrys' eccentrics.

- When Grandpa gets into an accident, Madam Pomfrey would be confused asf as to why the wound hasn't gotten as bad as it should be by that time.

- Snape doesn't know what to do. He really doesn't. But he does know he hates Alcatraz's guts more than any other students'



I might write a fanfic based off this, but I might not. If any of you guys want to use this idea or use this as a writing prompt, then go ahead!

This is all I've come up with for now, though feel free to pitch in any ideas that you guys came up with. I'm curious to see what y'all think. 

(hahaha grammar go brrr)






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Ha, I'd be interested in reading this if you do write it, crossovers are always fun. 

Alcatraz is a Gryffindor because he's a shattering liar about being a coward. 

Bastille, also Gryffindor, or possibly Ravenclaw ("Wait, which house?" "Are you calling me stupid, Smedry? I'm smart. I like studying when I get into the topic." "Nonono I didn't mean you were stupid -"). 

Attica and Shasta both get Slytherin, for different reasons. 

Aydee and Australia are Hufflepuffs. So is Folsom. 

Himalaya is a Ravenclaw. 

Grandpa is a Gryffindor, no question. Draulin is as well. 

Kaz finds himself switching between different houses as the hat loses its train of thought and can't decide. In the end they go with a rotating schedule. 

It is discovered that there are Librarians inside Hogwarts, and the crew have to be held back from infiltrating the place and tying Madame Pince up. ("Harry, give us your Cloak! I...will probably not break it!" "absoLUTELY NOT") 


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Pretty sure the majority of Smedrys are Gryffindors or Hufflepuffs. They're either really stupidly Gryffindor or outrageously Hufflepuff-ish (or both), though there are some exceptions *glances at Attica*


Also, the Librarians in Hogwarts bit would be interesting.

And I've ultimately decided that Bastille would smack Draco, Harry, and Ron (the latter two would be a show of affection, the former just to shut him up) with her purse. I hereby declare it as an official headcanon.



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what if Alcatraz breaks everyones' magic?


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I love this idea!!! I am a harry potter fan as well as an Alcatraz fan! 

I'm replying a little late. Sorry!!! I hope you guys still see this and I realy hope we could talk more about this amazing mash up of these amazing stories.


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