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1 hour ago, Frustration said:

If it drains Stomrlight it's Raysium.

In refrencing the ones Rayse MIssed it only says one.

If you don't think it's immportant why are you so upset Navani doesn't get credit for Anti-light?

I'll answer that, less than the Windrunners

Given that he can break Honorblades given enough hits, I don't think that's a problem.

That's what caused Ishar's Lucidicty

Nightblood chipping his Honorblade

If its Raysium then its pretty common. All of the Heavenly Ones carry them.

Taravangian is still smarter. My point is just because Rayse couldn;'t figure something out doesn't mean Taravangian can't either.

Its mentioned a lot in this thread, read back. And I dont think her getting credit is unimportant, everyone keeps bringing up the Anti-Light thing. To be honest, I'm getting confused- I only mentioned it because someone was saying she shouldn't get much credit for her Anti-Light work since she didn't discover it first.

But how do you know that its less than Windrunners?

He chipped it, he didn't break it. Though maybe that would give him an edge. But even if there wasn't Nale, there'd still be a lot of other Fused. And Nightblood is both very dangerous and very unpredictable.

I thought Ishar's lucidity happened when Oaths were said near him.


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5 hours ago, Frustration said:

Nightblood chipping his Honorblade

Ishar didn’t see Nightblood coming if he would have he would avoided hitting the blade, whirled around Szeth and stabbed him in the back.

Szeth is not as good as Kaladin, Kaladin is not as good as Herald 

Nale will kill Szeth in 2 seconds flat and no nightblood can stop that 


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