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So over in FGaRS, I’m running a meme competition. It’s pretty basic, people anonymously submit their memes to the team of judges (currently consisting of only me, but plans are in place to expand it), we choose a winner, and move on to the next round. 

The part we’re having trouble with is submitting the memes anonymously. I had been using some intermediaries, people would PM their submissions to them, who would pass them on to me. But that system didn’t work too well. Adding a middleman like that tended to slow the whole process down, and if the intermediaries had technical difficulties, the entire contest is put on hold. (That’s where we are right now.)

So I was wondering if I could be allowed to make a second account, just called “meme competition submissions” or something. Then I’d share the password with the contestants, and when they are ready to submit, they just login to this account and PM me their submission, completely anonymous. 

So would I be allowed to do this?

Edit: Another reason I’d like to do this is because I’d prefer to keep the entire process within the Shard. Some people might have problems accessing third-party sites or services, the one thing I know with certainty that everyone can access is the Shard itself.

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That's fine. If you could just PM me the account name of this temporary shared account when you do this, that will work fine.


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