Taldain Missing From UK Arcanum Unbounded Audiobook

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I've only just discovered that an essay on Taldain, as well as the prologue and first chapter of White Sand Prose, was included in Arcanum Unbounded. It was recorded for the audiobook, as people with the US version have confirmed, but the UK version doesn't have it included. (Got mine from Audible)

Is this a mistake? Can it be rectified?

If not, does anyone know the reason for dropping it?


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I don't specifically know, but it might be due to the graphic novel sample that was also included in the US version. It's possible they weren't able to come to an agreement with whoever is publishing those in Britain and couldn't use any of the other White Sand stuff either pursuant to the contract they have with that publisher. Or they couldn't get the graphic novel sample for the aforementioned reasons and didn't want the only thing in there to be the unpublished version. The biggest loss there for you is the Taldain essay and star chart. The graphic novel can't be translated to audiobook and the unpublished version isn't the canon version, so maybe they just cut the entire section. 


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