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Why did Lezian the Pursuer say "damn"?

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You guys are dipping your toes into a topic which is pretty prominent in the historical community. It's generally accepted that's it makes sense to localize accents to the target audience, but you inevitably lose a great deal of historical context. Let's say for example that you're making a tv show about classical Rome for an American audience. If you give everyone an Italian accent, Americans probably aren't going to be able to tell if someone is noble or not based on their speech. If they use upper/lower class accents that Americans are familiar with (British being the go-to), then it helps people get more immersed in the story. Of course in reality, most Roman nobility would have spoken Greek amongst themselves, which would have been completely unintelligible to their mostly Latin-speaking servants. Is there any way to convey that without having them speak different languages on screen and subtitle everything?

One thing I love about Assassins’ Creed is that they did try to at least do local accents. So Middle Eastern accents for AC1 (except Altair, but that can be argued as an animus glitch; he gets one later), Italian for AC2, actual Mohawk accents in AC3, etc.

Which is what made Unity really inexplicable... (Seriously, UBISOFT is a French company. But no French accents?!)

It definitely makes the experience more immersive for me.

As it is, I know I can’t listen to SA ever. The lack of a ‘Kh’ sound would drive me nuts. I don’t think I’ve ever pronounced Kholin without the ‘Kh.’ Is it REALLY that hard to pronounce?


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