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Is Shalash gonna be a Stoneward?

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Dragonsteel just sent out the digital art package to backers today, and i was going through the art of the different orders of Radiant, and got to a depiction of Shalash and the file was labeled "stoneward"

all of the other radiant depictions match their order(the windrunner is kal, the skybreaker is szeth, bondsmith is navani, elsecaller is jasnah, etc..)

there is also one of Taravangian with the Dustbringers, so maybe its just showing people aligned with those orders?(or those of that order? Taravan & Malata. And Ash & Taln)

I know its a popular theory that she would become a dustbringer, but this is making me doubt that.

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I'm pretty sure it's just people associated with the order, since there's one labelled Truthwatcher that's Adolin. Two, counting the one where his helm is on. Some of them have spren, and the one you noted as Taravangian being there is under Dustbringer, and one labelled Elsecaller has Wit. One of the Willshaper labels appears to be Eshonai.

Yeah pretty sure it's just people close to a notable person of the order.

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