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Stormlight MTG Cards

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In addition to being a Sanderfan, I play Magic a lot. Since Brandon is also a big Magic player, there are probably some other MTG people on here. As such, I thought I'd share some cards I created based on some Stormlight characters. Please feel free to add your own original cards.

For reference, I used the "level up" from Rise of the Eldrazi, the "Bestow" mechanic from Theros, and the energy counters from Kaladesh. There was so much text on Kaladin it wouldn't all fit, so I'm including the text as well.


Bestow {3}{r}{w}{w}
Syl can only enchant a {r}{w} Human creature
Flying, First strike
Enchanted creature has "Pay 2{e}: Gain flying and first strike until end of turn. If it has 3 lvl counters, it gains +3/+3 for each 3{e} you have. If it has 4 lvl counters, it gets +1/+5 for every 4{e} you have. If it has 5 lvl counters, (TBD)"


Level up {r}{r}{w}{w}
Level 2—Add 3{e}. Whenever Kaladin Stormblessed is dealt damage, you may prevent that damage and pay that many {e}
Level 3—Add 3{e}. You may search your library for a red and white Spren and put it onto the battlefield attached to Kaladin.
Level 4—Add 3{e}. Whenever another target creature is dealt damage, you may create an enchantment attached to that creature called "Windrunner's Protection". It has "When this creature is dealt damage, you may pay that many {e} instead.

Since we're not sure what the 5th ideal does, I didn't include anything for it. I can put it in in a few years when Stormlight 5 comes out.

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